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Enjoy greater interest savings with our deposit linked mortgage

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Deposit Linked Mortgage


Assume mortgage loan amount of HK$4,000,000 with loan tenor of 20 years and mortgage interest rate at 4.125%* p.a.:

Conventional Prime-based mortgage plan with mortgage deposit linked feature
Standard conventional Prime-based mortgage plan with deposit under saving account
Initial deposit HK$500,000
Deposit rate (p.a.) 4.125% 0.875%
Total mortgage interest expense (A) HK$1,880,295 HK$1,880,295
Total deposit interest earned (B) HK$490,182 HK$95,585
Net interest expense (A) – (B) HK$1,390,113 HK$1,784,710
Difference on net interest expenses HK$394,597 (22% less)

The above example is based on the assumptions below and does not take into account any fees and any interest rate change which is for reference only.

* Based on the Hong Kong Dollar Prime Rate of Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Limited (the “Bank”) (6.125%p.a. as of 31 August 2023) minus 2.00%pa.

Make an assumption of:

  • Deposit HKD500,000 to mortgage deposit linked account on drawdown date of mortgage loan AND
  • No withdrawal during the entire mortgage loan tenor AND
  • Repay monthly instalment on schedule according to the Bank’s calculation
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Important Notes:

  1. If you have a mortgage facility (which is not a linking facility, MortgageOne facility, Mortgage $aver or mortgage overdraft) with the mortgage deposit linked feature, the deposit in your mortgage deposit linked account (up to our pre-determined percentage of the mortgage loan outstanding principal) will accrue the same interest rate that applies to your mortgage loan outstanding principal on any particular day.
  2. The interest accrued (if any) on your mortgage deposit linked account will be credited to your mortgage deposit linked account monthly or at other regular intervals that the Bank determine.
  3. Mortgage deposit linked account links to one mortgage facility only.
  4. This mortgage deposit linked feature may only be used when the name of the accountholder of the mortgage deposit linked account is identical to the name of the borrower of your mortgage facility.
  5. We may, at any time in our sole discretion terminate, suspend or cancel the mortgage deposit linked feature if your mortgage loan is in default or even if there is no default.
  6. Please be reminded that if you have WealthPro and your repayment account is one of the eligible collaterals according to the relevant terms and conditions, we may at our sole discretion decide whether to decline any payment instructions (including any payment instructions related to your mortgage loan and the accompanied terms and conditions) if payment would result in the Current Line Limit or Maximum Line Limit (as defined in the Terms and Conditions of WealthPro) being exceeded but without liability for any losses or consequence arising as a result. We also reserve the right to charge a processing fee in an amount to be determined by us from time to time if we agree to honour such payments.
  7. Terms and conditions apply. If there is any inconsistency or conflict between the English and Chinese versions, the English version shall prevail.

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