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Manage your finances with ease at Standard Chartered


Easy Banking

Enjoy more ways to bank, and get more value from your banking.

Easy Banking

  • Easy Banking BonusPack clients can enjoy a range of easy-to-use, hassle-free services – making life a breeze.

    Easy Banking

    • • Savings Account

      • Current Account

      • ATM Card

      • Phone Banking

      • Online Banking

      • e-Statement

      • RMB Deposit Services

      • Credit Card

      • Mobile FX Platform

      • Securities Services

      • Personal Loans

      • Salary BonusPack

      • Insurance Services

    • Your ATM Card lets you withdraw cash and make purchases at millions of locations around the world. What’s more, Dual Currency ATM Card is now available

      • Withdraw cash – HKD, RMB or other currencies, up to HK$20,0001 equivalent per day, at over 1.48 million cash machines in more than 120 countries worldwide.

      • Make purchases – It’s recognised at over 7.2 million Unionpay merchants globally. Also, you can enjoy fabulous year-round offers in Hong Kong, China, Macau, Japan and other countries in Asia.

    • No-bounce cheque protection2 service is like your backup plan. No more bounced cheques or failed autopay transactions. We charge a preferential rateon the overdrawn amount.

    • Standard Chartered Credit Card

      With Standard Chartered Credit Card, you can enjoy a suite of dining, shopping, travel and lifestyle offers.

      *Annualised Percentage Rate (“APR”) for retail purchase is 35.70%; annual fee is HKD2,000. An APR is a reference rate which includes the basic interest rate and other fees and charges of a product expressed as an annualised rate.

    • The more you save, the more interest you earn.

Financial Solutions

    • • Bill Payment – You can settle payments from over 700 different merchants and ensure you don’t miss the due date by scheduling your bill payments.

      • Securities Trading – You can trade through our Online Securities Trading or SC Equities Mobile Platform easily with no minimum securities brokerage and trade lodgement fee.

      • Fund Transfers – Fund transfers to other local bank accounts are free of charge4.

      • eStatement – Access to your statements up to the past 12 months, so no more paper filing5.

    • Simply access Standard Chartered Mobile with a click and you can track your money and do more with the time you have

      • Pay bills easily – lets you settle bills and credit card payments at anywhere, anytime.

      • Keep track of your bank account activities – Our Calendar helps you monitor your past and future transactions.

      • Transfers on the move – Need to transfer money while you’re out and about? Standard Chartered Mobile lets you transfer money at your convenience.

      • Faster Login – As the first bank in Hong Kong that enable you to access the services in a mobile banking app using fingerprint authentication, we have extended our service to support facial recognition. Now, you can experience a more secure, simple and convenient mobile banking service with this innovative technology5.

    • Receive friendly reminders upon subscription for SMS/Email Alerts Service on important transactions and credit card payment due dates at no extra charge

      • Credit Card Payment Due Date Alert – You can define to receive the reminder by number of days prior of payment due date, we will remind you of the designated credit card payment due date to avoid late payment charges.

      • Cheque Returned Alert – Similarly, we will notify you after a cheque issued from/deposited to your designated bank account is returned.

      • Fund Transfer Alert – We will notify you after a fund transfer is made with your designated bank account via online banking, automated phone banking or ATM.

    • Access and manage your finances by making a phone call at 2886 8888. After selecting your preferable language, you can :

      • Press 1 > check your latest banking or credit card account status.

      • Press 4 > get the latest promotion and product highlights on Investment related services.


    • We are dedicated to providing you with a comprehensive range of insurance products to meet your different financial and protection needs, including:

      • Savings & Protection

      • Retirement Planning

      • Critical Illness Protection

      • Medical Care

      • Education Fund

      • Single Trip/Annual Travel Insurance

      • Private Motor Insurance

Eligibility Criteria

  • Minimum average daily Relationship BalanceHK$10,000 or above
  • Maintain Payroll account8
  • Maintain Mortgage account


1. Default limit for Easy Banking customers is HK$20,000. Customers can increase or decrease limit in multiple of HK$1,000 at the branches of Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Limited (the “Bank”).

2. The service is applicable to customers with no other prearranged overdraft facility set up with any HKD Current Accounts. It applies to clearing cheques and autopay arrangement with the protection limit up to 95% of HKD deposits and 80% of foreign currency deposits excluding Renminbi deposits or the accumulated overdraft amount not exceeding HK$40,000, whichever is lower. HKD deposits include HKD savings, current, time deposits and deposits in the MoneyBuilder Savings Plan Account. Foreign currency deposits include savings and time deposits in AUD, CAD, CHF, EUR, GBP, JPY, NZD, USD currencies, and USD current account deposits. The service is not applicable to all staff of Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Limited (the “Bank“) or any persons who have relationship with directors/controllers/employees with lending authority. The handling fee of Current Account Overdraft Protection is HK$120 per item for Easy Banking Clients.

3. The preferential rate for the overdraft amount is Prime+4% p.a.

4. Excluding Local Bank Transfer Payment through Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS, also known as Clearing House Automated Transfer System (CHATs)).

5. eStatement service is not available for Standard Chartered SHOP’n GAIN Credit Card and designated Mastercard (card number starting with 5488).

6. Terms and conditions apply. Please visit our website for the full terms and conditions for the use of Standard Chartered touch login service.

7. The Relationship Balance includes the aggregate balance of deposits, investments, accumulated premiums of selected insurance, utilised amounts of secured/unsecured overdraft facilities, outstanding balances on Standard Chartered Credit Cards and outstanding balances of Standard Chartered Personal Loans you maintain with the Bank under personal accounts in sole name or joint names as Primary Account Holder.

8. New payroll client is required to start using the auto-payroll services successfully with the Bank within 2 months from Easy Banking sign-up.

Important Notes of Online Securities Trading and SC Equities:

The Bank will not be liable for any loss or damage to you as a result of making the Online Securities Trading Services available to you, unless the loss or damage is directly caused by our negligence or our wilful default. For more details and the risks involved, please refer to the Securities Services Terms and Conditions or contact our branch staff.

Our Products


  • Services provided under Easy Banking are subject to applicable service conditions and other such requirements as the Bank may impose from time to time.
  • All fees, services and privileges specified in this leaflet are subject to change.
  • The life assurance plans are life insurance products and are not bank deposit. They are underwritten by Prudential Hong Kong Limited (a member of Prudential plc group) (“Prudential”). Some of these plans may have a savings element and are not an alternative to ordinary savings or time deposits. Part of the premium pays for the insurance and related costs.
  • If client is not happy with his/her policy, client has a right to cancel it within the cooling off period and obtain a refund of any premiums paid, less any withdrawals (if applicable), provided that no claim has been made under the policy. A written notice signed by client should be received directly by Prudential at 8/F Prudential Tower, The Gateway Harbour City, 21 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong within the cooling off period (that is, within 21 days after the delivery of the policy or issue of a notice (informing client or client’s representative about the availability of the policy and expiry date of the cooling off period), whichever is the earlier). After the expiration of the cooling off period, if client cancels the policy before the end of the term, the projected total cash value (if applicable) may be less than the total premium client has paid. Client should check with Prudential if client has any doubt regarding his/her cooling-off right.
  • The Bank is an insurance agent of Prudential.
  • As the issuer of the life assurance plans, Prudential will be responsible for all protection and claims issues. Prudential is not an associate or subsidiary company of Standard Chartered. This web-site is not a contract of insurance and is intended to be a general summary for reference purpose only. Please refer to the policy for full terms and conditions. The Bank does not accept any responsibilities regarding any statements provided by Prudential or any discrepancies or omissions in the contract of insurance nor shall the Bank be held liable in any manner whatsoever in relation to client’s contract of insurance.
  • This webpage is intended to be valid in Hong Kong only and shall not be construed as an offer to sell or solicitation to buy or provision of any insurance product outside Hong Kong. Prudential and the Bank do not offer or sell any insurance product in any jurisdictions outside Hong Kong in which such offering or sale of the insurance product is illegal under the laws of such jurisdictions. This webpage does not constitute a contract of insurance or an offer, invitations or recommendation to any person to enter into any contract of insurance or any transaction described therein or any similar transaction.
  • Whether to apply for insurance coverage is client’s own individual decision. During the sales process, this document should be read in conjunction with the relevant product brochure. For full terms and conditions, and risk disclosures of the relevant insurance plan, please refer to relevant product brochure and policy document and read carefully.
  • In respect of an eligible dispute arising between the Bank and the client out of the selling process or processing of the related transaction, The Bank is required to enter into a Financial Dispute Resolution Scheme process with the client; however any dispute over the contractual terms of the product should be resolved between directly Prudential and the client.
  • The above general insurance plans are underwritten by third party general insurance insurers which are the general insurer authorized and regulated by the Commissioner of Insurance of the HKSAR. The Bank is an insurance agent appointed by third party general insurance insurers. To the extent permissible by law, The Bank shall not be liable to any person for the use of any of the above information.
  • The above information is intended as a general summary. It is for reference only and is not an offer for subscription of any insurance product. The policy may contain Terms and Conditions which are not detailed in the above. If there is any discrepancy between the information contained in the above and the Terms of the policy, the Terms of the policy shall prevail. For exact Terms and Conditions and details of the exclusions, please refer to the relevant policy or contact our third party general insurance insurers. For more information, please visit
  • In respect of an eligible dispute arising between the Bank and the client out of the selling process or processing of the related transaction, the Bank is required to enter into a Financial Dispute Resolution Scheme process with the client; however any dispute over the contractual terms of the product should be resolved between directly with third party general insurance insurers and the client.

Risk Disclosure Statement

Risk Disclosure Statement for Renminbi Deposit:

  • Renminbi (“RMB”) exchange rate, like any other currency, is affected by a wide range of factors and is subject to fluctuations. Such fluctuations may result in gains and losses in the event that the client subsequently converts RMB to another currency (including Hong Kong dollars); and
  • RMB is currently not freely convertible and conversion of RMB through banks in Hong Kong is subject to restrictions specified by Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Limited (the “Bank”) and regulatory requirements applicable from time to time. The actual conversion arrangement will depend on the restrictions prevailing at the relevant time.

Risk Disclosure Statement for Securities:

  • Investment involves risks. The prices of securities fluctuate, sometimes dramatically and may become valueless. Past performance of any securities is no guide to its future performance. Investors should consider their own investment objectives and risk tolerance level, and read the Terms and Conditions of relevant Securities Services before making any investment decision.
  • This webpage does not constitute any offer, invitation or recommendation to any person to enter into any transaction described therein or any similar transaction, nor does it constitute any prediction of likely future price movements. Investor(s) should not only base on this webpage to make investment decisions. This webpage has not been reviewed by the Securities and Futures Commission or any regulatory authority in Hong Kong.

To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay!