Investment • Financial Services Zone

In accordance with the recommendation by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, banks in Hong Kong have to segregate their investment services and general banking services. In addition, customer consent is required in order for banks to access and utilize their deposit-related information for providing investment and wealth management services to them. Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Limited has effected such arrangement since 30 September, 2009.

We have set up dedicated investment zone at all of our branches to serve our customers with investment needs*. Blue signage with "Investment • Financial Services" is displayed at the zone, and our staff involved in selling investment products are carrying a blue badge for your identification.

Investment Financial Branches

If you wish to give consent to the Bank for such arrangement, please visit any of our branches, or simply download the consent form, complete and return to us by fax or mail.

* Special arrangement of handling your general banking requests within the zone is allowed when we are handling your investment transactions.

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