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Help Centre – Credit Cards

Popular Enquiries

Credit Card Transactions FAQs

  • Please report these transactions to us immediately. To protect your interests, the related credit card would be immediately deactivated, and a replacement credit card (with a new card number) would be issued to you.

    Before initiating dispute request for credit card transactions, please take note of important information such as eligibility and timeline. Learn more

  • You can log on to Online Banking or SC Mobile to view your credit card balances.

    For Online banking:

    1. Click ‘Overview’ and select credit card you need to view.
    2. View your credit card transactions up to 90 days.

    For SC Mobile:

    1. After login to SC Mobile, tap the credit card accounts you wish to view.
    2. View your credit card transactions up to 90 days.

    Learn more

  • You can pay bills of selected merchants by credit cards through Online Banking or SC Mobile.

    If you pay your bill by Standard Chartered credit card within the month of / one month before the card expiry date shown on the credit card, please activate the renewed Credit Card upon receipt before making payment.

  • You can now pay your rent, government bills, education expenses, car park fees and even friends using your credit card as a debit source for FPS.

    For SC Mobile:

    1. Choose payee from phone book or enter payee’s mobile number/email/FPS ID.
    2. Choose either payee’s default bank account or specific bank account to send money to.
    3. Select payment by credit card.
    4. Select your preferred credit card.
    5. Confirm transfer amount and payment description (optional), then slide to proceed the transfer.

    Please note that handling fees may apply. Learn more

  • Visa/Mastercard International will impose a reimbursement charge of 1% on the Bank for transactions in Hong Kong Dollars incurred outside of Hong Kong or with any merchants not registered in Hong Kong (e.g. internet transactions), the same will be charged by the Bank on such transactions on behalf of Visa/Mastercard International.

    The fee is applicable to transactions initiated by you and/or the merchant depending on the merchant’s setting. Learn more

Credit Card Rewards FAQs

  • CashBack is earned in accordance with the relevant terms and conditions under the CashBack Programme for each Qualified CashBack Card. Learn more

    For transactions of each Qualified CashBack Card which will be eligible for CashBack, please refer to reward program terms and conditions for each respective card type. Learn more

Credit Card Repayments FAQs

  • The most convenient way to settle your credit card bills is via Online Banking or SC Mobile:

    1. Select “SC Credit Cards” under “Payments”.
    2. Follow the instructions and select the appropriate details such as the credit card account for settlement, the account to debit from and the amount.
    3. Review and confirm the details.
    4. Submit the payment.

    You can also pay your credit card bill via Direct Debit Authorization Service, Payment by Phone Service (PPS), and Standard Chartered / JETCO ATMs or Cash and Cheque Deposit Machines. Full details are available on the back of your credit card account statement. Learn more

  • You can utilise your credit balance by selecting your credit card as a debit source for FPS. Learn more

    Alternatively, you can also perform a Credit Balance Transfer via Online banking or SC Mobile. Learn more

Credit Card Additional Authentication for Online Transactions FAQs

  • No, only participating online merchants will require additional authentication in order to complete transactions. If you failed to receive the Push Notification via SC Mobile app, an OTP will be sent to the principal/ supplementary cardholder’s valid mobile telephone number via SMS.

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  • Supplementary cardholders can use the same service to proceed the online transaction by inputting the name printed on the supplementary card. By then Supplementary cardholder will be asked to authenticate the transaction via SC Mobile App, or input the OTP which sent to the registered mobile telephone number.

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  • The additional authentication provides added assurance by authenticating you while using your Standard Chartered Visa Card / Mastercard when making payments to participating online merchants.

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  • No registration is required to enjoy this service. However, this service is only applicable to cardholders who have registered SC Mobile Key in the SC Mobile App or have a local mobile telephone number registered with the bank.

    Activate SC Mobile Key in your SC Mobile App Learn more

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  • Look for the Verified by Visa or Mastercard® SecureCode™ or American Express SafeKey mark on participating online stores.

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  • No, but the service has become available to more and more online stores now.

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  • OTP is only applicable to the Principal Cardholder with a valid Hong Kong mobile phone number registered with the credit card system of the Bank. If you do not receive your OTP within 20 seconds after submitting your request, you may click “Resend OTP” to request for another one. You should also check if your mobile phone number registered with the credit card system of the Bank is updated.

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  • You will not be allowed to click “Resend OTP” to request for another one if you have input a wrong OTP for many times. Please restart the entire online purchase transaction again.

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  • The OTP will only valid for a certain period after it is issued. You can click “Resend OTP” to request for another OTP if the OTP has expired.

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Other Credit Card services FAQs

  • We offer a series of services online, designed to make account management easy and frictionless for you. Learn more

  • You can apply for ATM facilities on your credit card by submitting the Additional Benefits Form.

  • A valid mobile telephone number refers to a local Hong Kong 8-digit mobile number, with international mobile telephone numbers excluded. Learn more

  • You can increase credit limit by submitting request online (Learn more) or adjust your credit limit by submitting the Additional Benefits Form.

  • If your credit cards have been charged with annual fees, overlimit charges, late charges or finance charges within the last month, you may submit a waiver request online. Learn more

  • As an additional security measure, you now have the option to place temporary blocks on your cards and resume usage when desired.

    All credit card functions, including online/offline transactions, mobile wallets, and ATM cash withdrawal will be suspended until you initiate an unblock. Pre-authorized transactions, including Octopus AAVS or direct-debit authorization (DDA) set up by merchants will not be impacted by the temporary block. Learn more

  • You can apply for a replacement of your physical credit card by submitting request online (Learn more) or by submitting the Cancellation or Replacement Request Form.

  • We’re sorry to see you go. You can apply for a cancellation of your principal credit card by submitting the Cancellation or Replacement Request Form. If you would like to cancel your supplementary card only, please approach one of our branches with your physical supplementary credit card.

    • Supplementary cards will be cancelled at the same time
    • Remaining balances for active instalment plans (including interest-free hire purchase, statement balance instalment or dial-a-check) will be accelerated with the remaining outstanding balance to be posted in the next statement
    • Automatic-Add-Value Service (AAVS) can only be cancelled by Octopus, please contact the Octopus Customer Service Hotline at 2266-2222
    • Direct Debit Authorization (DDA) and Payment by Phone Service (PPS) services will be terminated, please contact the service provider for rearrangement
    • Unredeemed rewards will be forfeited
    • Priority Pass services for Visa Infinite and Priority Banking Credit Card cardholders will be terminated
    • eStatements/eAdvices issued previously will no longer be available for access, please download previous eStatements/eAdvices as you see fit or contact us for statement retrieval request

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