Credit Card Repayment Calculator

Please fill in the following information for an estimation of your repayment period and total repayment:

Repay by Minimum Payment Due*
Repayment period
Principal repayment
Interest repayment
Repay by 36 months
Repayment period 3 years
Principal repayment
Interest repayment
Monthly repayment^

* All interest, fees, charges (including Annual Fee(s)), the total of the over-limit amount and/or the overdue amount (where applicable) that may be charged, plus 1% of outstanding principal or HK$/CNY220, whichever is higher.

^ You will need to pay this monthly repayment amount or the Minimum Payment Due of the respective credit card account, whichever is higher.

Terms of Use

    Terms of Use for Credit Card Repayment Calculator
  1. The subject calculator is for the calculation of credit card repayment based on the amount of the outstanding balance and interest rate inserted by you. It is meant to give you a general idea of (1) the approximate repayment period and approximate amount of interest repayment that you have to make if you wish to repay the outstanding balance by minimum payment monthly; and (2) the approximate amount of monthly minimum payment and interest repayment that you have to pay monthly if you wish to fully repay the outstanding balance within 36 months.
  2. For calculation (1), the result is calculated on the basis of daily accrued interest rate. For calculation (2), the result is calculated on monthly accrual basis, whilst actual interest calculation under your credit card shall be on daily accrual basis.
  3. Factors not mentioned in the foregoing, which may also affect the total outstanding balance or minimum monthly payment, such as (but not limit to) fees and charges are excluded from the calculation. The calculation is made on the assumption that no payment will be overdue and no further transaction will be billed until full repayment of the outstanding balance.
  4. Any results, figures or information you are about to access or resulted from the subject calculator ("Information") are indicative and for reference only, and are not meant to be the same as the usual calculation adopted for reaching the results under the monthly statements. The Information is therefore not final or binding on you or Standard Chartered (Hong Kong) Limited ("Bank"). Cardholders are reminded to refer to and observe the actual figures and dates as stated on the monthly statements the Bank issued to them in respect of their credit cards and make timely repayment to the Bank accordingly in relation to the outstanding balance of their credit cards.
  5. The Bank reserves the right to amend any formula or contents in respect of the subject calculator at any time in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. In case of any dispute, the decision of the Bank shall be final and conclusive.