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Dedicated to providing a convenient banking experience, you can perform a wide range of transactions with choice of 3 SCB ATM cards

ATM Card

Catering to your daily banking needs

ATM Card

We offer 3 types of ATM cards to best suit your unique needs, and allow you to manage up to 3 Standard Chartered accounts on one card¹:

Text, Credit Card
Standard Chartered Multi-Currency Mastercard Debit Card

One card for all your multi-currency needs, with 0.5% Cash Rebate on every eligible transaction

Credit Card, Text
The UnionPay Single Currency ATM Card

The Standard UnionPay ATM Card offers the ultimate in banking convenience.

Text, Credit Card
The UnionPay Dual Currency ATM Card

Standard Chartered’s Dual Currency ATM Card combines RMB and HKD accounts in one card, offering the ultimate convenience and flexibility

Tips on Using Your ATM Card

As ATM skimming fraud is an ongoing concern from security perspective, we wish to remind cardholders to be alert at all times in using Automated Teller Machines (ATMs).

Please take precautionary measures to protect your Personal Identity Number (PIN) and ATM cards appropriately at all times, including:

  • covering the keypad while entering the PIN; and
  • watching out for any irregularity when using the ATMs, in particular whether the keypad cover has been removed and any suspicious device has been installed at the card insertion slot. Please report to the bank promptly if irregularity is found

Each ATM of our Bank should have a key pad cover – if you find the cover is damaged or removed, please stop the transaction and inform our bank staff immediately

a photo of the Keypad of Automated Teller Machines

If you find the card insert slot is damaged or being installed with suspicious device, please stop the transaction and inform our bank staff immediately.

photo of Card slot of the ATM, insert card here for money deposits and withdrawal

  • You must keep your ATM Card details, including but not limited to the ATM Card number, expiry date, and cardholder name safe. You should not let anyone else use your ATM Card. You should keep your ATM Card and respective details secure (including keeping it in a safe place)
  • Do not disclose your PIN to any other person
  • Do not write your PIN on your card or anything you usually keep with or near it
  • Do not use an obvious number such as your HKID number, telephone number, date of birth or other easily accessible personal information as your PIN
  • Regularly change your PIN at our ATM
  • If your card has been lost or stolen, please call our 24-hour Card Lost Hotline 2282 1533.

  • To find out which international network you can access your card through, please refer to the back of your ATM card

Enjoy Free Overseas ATM Cash Withdrawals

Overseas ATM Cash Withdrawal at JETCO, MasterCard/Cirrus, UnionPay and Visa/PLUS ATM networks from Savings or Current Accounts Handling Fee is waived for Priority Private, Priority Banking & Premium Banking clients. This privilege is not applicable for the 0.5% cross-border transaction fee imposed by UnionPay.

Note: This privilege is applicable to all Standard Chartered ATM cards. The overseas cash withdrawals may also be subject to fees and charges imposed by the overseas local bank which provides the ATM service. Please pay attention before making cash withdrawal.

How to activate the Overseas ATM withdrawal Function

Before you travel, remember to activate your Overseas ATM withdrawal Function via one of the following channels:

Online Banking / SC Mobile App
If you are holding Union Pay ATM card, please click here to learn more on how to activate via Standard Chartered Online Banking.

If you are holding Multi-currency Mastercard Debit Card, simply login SC Mobile App.

Click here to view our ATMs & Branches Locator

1. Default daily withdrawal limits per customer

ATM transactions
Transfer to ATM accounts: No limit
Cash withdrawal /transfer to account not linked to the card / Jet Payment:

  • Priority Banking or Premium Customers: HKD 30,000
  • Easy Banking or non Relationship Banking Customers: HKD 20,000

Electronic payments

Up to HKD 50,000*
* This limit applies to transactions completed through EPS, UnionPay or Maestro Point–Of–Sale terminals. In the event that the ATM card is used to perform any PPS transactions and tax payments via an ATM, this limit will be automatically increased to HKD 100,000

2. The minimum cash withdrawal amount is HKD 100 when using Standard Chartered ATMs, and HKD 500 for other JETCO ATMs

3. When you shop with your UnionPay ATM card, both PIN and signature are required

  • In relation to all UnionPay ATM cards issued by Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Limited, the “Service Charges – An easy guide to banking fees” and “ATM Card User Manual” shall be revised and supplemented with effect from 11 April 2022. The changes are for the new 0.5% cross-border transaction fee imposed by UnionPay for overseas ATM cash withdrawal. Please click here for details of the changes.

According to UnionPay, from 1 April 2016, LINK ATM network in United Kingdom will not support withdrawal from UnionPay cards. Before your trip, please visit UnionPay’s website at and select “ATM Locator” for the latest information about the ATM networks which support UnionPay card at your destination.

For enquiry, please call our Customer Service Hotline at (852)2886-8868.

Please click here to learn more on dispute resolution.