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Ways to bank inperson atm card unionpay masthead

The Standard UnionPay ATM Card offers the ultimate in banking convenience.

UnionPay ATM Card

Enjoy convenient shopping and payment in Hong Kong and Mainland China with the Standard Chartered UnionPay ATM Card.

Worldwide ATM services

Make safe and convenient cash withdrawal and check your account balance via the following comprehensive networks wherever you are in the world:


JETCO has more than 3,000 Standard Chartered and JETCO ATMs in Hong Kong, Macau and China


UnionPay has more than 1.4 million ATMs in over 100 countries/regions, including Mainland China, Japan and Taiwan

A Bigger Shopping Spree With Ultra Convenience

Widely accepted at more than 6.4 million UnionPay merchants# around the world, purchases are debited directly from your deposit account, offering added security and maximum convenience. No transaction or currency exchange handling fees are charged. You will also be pampered with fascinating year–round privileges offered by a wide range of merchants. For details, please visit the China UnionPay website.

# Also accepted at more than 40,000 EPS merchants in Hong Kong

Preferential exchange rates

The Standard Chartered UnionPay ATM Card helps you save on foreign exchange fees when you are making overseas purchases or ATM cash withdrawals*.

Spending JPY 30,000 in Japan on 13 March 2012:

Standard Chartered ATM Card (bearing UnionPay Logo)
Other Credit Cards
0% currency exchange handling fee
Up to 1.95% currency exchange handling fee
The actual HKD transaction amount for spending JPY30,000 in Japan is:
HK$ 2,845.98 (More Savings) HK$ 2,890.14

Please note, the transaction costs above are calculated based on the exchange rate as of the transaction date. The example is for reference only.

*The overseas cash withdrawal handling fee is currently HKD 15 imposed by the Bank and 0.5% cross-border transaction fee imposed by UnionPay. The handling fee is subject to change according to bank’s policy

Note: The HKD 15 overseas cash withdrawal handling fee is waived for Priority Private, Priority Banking and Premium Banking clients.

Cross–border Direct Debit Authorisation Service

Arrange a preset auto transfer with your Standard Chartered UnionPay ATM Card at any branch in Hong Kong to settle your bills of the merchants in Shenzhen area, such as electricity, gas, mobile phone services. Enjoy the convenience of automatic payments and avoid late fees on your bills.

Dual Currency ATM Card

Standard Chartered’s Dual Currency ATM Card combines RMB and HKD accounts in one card, offering the ultimate convenience and flexibility. Cash withdrawal and purchases in Mainland China are settled from the RMB account, while withdrawals and purchases anywhere else are settled from the HKD account.
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