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Set up recurring payment function with credit card to earn HKD300 cash rebate

Pay your rent, tuition and friends by Standard Chartered Credit Card

Pay your rent, tuition and friends without handling fee1

With Standard Chartered Credit Card, you can now pay your rent, education expenses, car park fees and even friends via local transfers on Digital Banking. Pay without handling fee1 to allow more financial flexibility.


Flexible instalment period

After making payments via credit card, you can also split your credit card bills by instalment with flexible instalment period of 6-60 months tenor.

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How to make payments via credit card?

Step 1

Choose payee from phone book or enter payee’s mobile number/email/FPS ID.

Step 2

Choose either payee’s default bank account or specific bank account to send money to.

Step 3

Select payment by credit card4.

Step 4

Select your preferred credit card.

Step 5

Confirm transfer amount and payment description (optional), then slide to proceed the transfer.

Step 6

Your transfer is done!

  1. Over-limit electronic fund transfer handling fee promotion offer:
    1. From 1 April 2021 to 31 July 2021 (both dates inclusive), 3.5% handling fee will be waived for transferred amount up to HKD100,000 (the “Offer”). 3.5% handling fee will apply to the transferred amount above HKD100,000 and charges will be debited to the valid Credit Card account with the highest transferred amount if the total accumulated transfers exceed HKD100,000 by such Cardholder in a calendar month (based on the transaction date) when using electronic banking services, person to person (P2P) payment services or mobile device / app / electronic funds transfer platforms effective from time-to-time to make any transfer / top up transaction from Standard Chartered / MANHATTAN Credit Card(s) to a specified account (including but not limited to Octopus O!ePay Account, Alipay Account). If the last day of a calendar month is a Sunday, any related transactions made on that day will be counted in the following calendar month.
    2. The Offer is only applicable to a cardholder who makes the transfer via SC online banking and SC mobile. Your card should be valid and with available credit limit during the transfer.
    3. The Bank reserves the right to vary, modify and terminate the Offer and to amend any of these terms and conditions at any time without any notice. In case of disputes, the decision of the Bank shall be final and binding.
    4. If there is any inconsistency or conflict between the English version and its Chinese translation, the English version shall prevail.
  2. Third party local fund transfer on Online Banking/ SC Mobile are available to Standard Chartered Current / Savings Account and Credit Card holders (expect UnionPay Dual Currency Platinum Credit Card). If you do not see the Local Transfers feature on Online Banking/ SC Mobile, make sure you have registered your account with ATM card and ATM PIN or ATM Card/Credit Card and Tele-electronic identification number (TIN). Credit card only supports third party local fund transfers on Online Banking / SC Mobile in HKD.
  3. Any transfer by credit card subject to your available credit card limit and the maximum daily aggregated transfer limit for third-party fund transfer. More info available here.
  4. Asia Miles / 360 Reward Points / Cash Rebate or any other credit card reward campaign and chargeback right / protection is not applicable to transactions via Online banking/ SC Mobile local fund transfer by credit card.
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