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Online Banking/ Mobile Payment FAQs

Fund Transfer and Transfer Limit

How to do fund transfer?

You need to register payee account on Online Banking before you can transfer fund to a third-party account. You can make fund transfers via Online Banking or SC Mobile app once the payee account has been successfully set up.

Add payee account via Online Banking

1. Login Online Banking and click ‘Transfers’ then ‘Local Accounts’. Click ‘Add Local Account Payee’. 2. Enter you payee account information, click ‘Next’ to proceed and click ‘Confirm’ when you confirm the account information is correct.
3. Approve the account register request on SC Mobile app or enter a transaction password and SMS OTP if you do not register for SC Mobile Key. After approval, you will see the registered account appear under ‘Pay an An Existing Payee.

Transfer fund via on Online Banking

1. Select ‘Transfer’ on the registered account. 2. Select the account that transfer your money from and input your transfer amount. Click ‘Next’ to proceed.
3. Click ‘Confirm’ after you check the details is correct. You payment instruction will be submitted.

Transfer fund via SC Mobile app

1. Tap ‘Local Accounts’ on menu after login to SC Mobile app. 2. Tap ‘Local transfers’ 3. Select payee account. 4. Select the account that transfer your money from and input your transfer amount. Continue the transfer request as instructed.

What are the transfer limits in Standard Chartered Online Banking?

Intra-bank Transfer and Bill Payments
Transfer Between Same Name Accounts in SCB No Limit
Bill Payment Payment to White Form eIPO: HKD999,999
Payment to other bills: HKD 500,000

Paying bills by credit cards are subject to a limit of HKD 99,999 per transaction.

Other Transfers and Payments
Overall Daily Online Transfer Limit HKD 1,000,000 on aggregate of all Bill Payments, Third Party Fund Transfers , Non-registered Payee Transfers and Telegraphic Transfers
Third Party Fund Transfer

(Transfer to Third Party Accounts or Other Local Bank Accounts)

Accounts registered by signed requests HKD 500,000
Accounts registered via Standard Chartered Online Banking Note HKD 200,000

(applicable to Priority Banking and Personal Banking Privilege Plan customers only)

HKD 100,000

(applicable to Easy Banking and non-Banking Plan customers only)

The above aggregated Third Party Fund Transfer amount will be subject to a maximum of HKD 500,000 daily limit. This amount is shared amongst all Tele-electronic Banking Services (including Standard Chartered Online Banking, SC Mobile app and and Phone Banking)
Non-registered Payee Transfer

(formerly Small-value Funds Transfer)

Telegraphic Transfer HKD 1,000,000
  1. The daily limits of Third Party Fund Transfer for accounts registered online will apply to individual clients who register Standard Chartered Online Banking for the first time on or after 6 February 2010.
  2. For clients who registered Standard Chartered Online Banking before 6 February 2010, their prevailing transfer limits as of 5 February 2010 will still apply after 6 February 2010.
  3. Clients may check and/or lower their prevailing transfer limits at “My Preferences” at Standard Chartered Online Banking. They may decrease their prevailing limits to a lower amount or any amount not exceeding the daily limits according to the Banking Plans that the clients belong to at the time the requests are made, whichever is the lower.
  4. Clients can update the online banking daily transfer limits via SC Online Banking or SC Mobile app.
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Update Transfer Limits on SC Mobile app or Online Banking

To update your daily transfer limits, please go to “Settings” and select “Daily Limit Maintenance” after logging in to SC Mobile, or go to “My Preferences” and select “Daily Limit Maintenance” after logging in to Online Banking.

On SC Mobile app:

On Online Banking:

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