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discussion of patient and doctor with Xray film, report and laptop on the desk
Medical insurance

Enjoy greater peace of mind when you stay on top of healthcare costs

VHIS Series – Premiums Qualified to apply for Tax Deduction

PRUHealth VHIS VIP plan

Private hospital care and medical cover with no itemised limit for key medical expenses, tax deductible premiums and guaranteed renewal for life

  • Guaranteed lifetime renewal with lifetime cover of HKD 56,000,000
  • Cover for unknown pre-existing and congenital conditions
  • Tailor your plan with or without deductibles to suit you
PRUHealth VHIS EasyChoice Plan

Get the private hospital room level and quality care you choose with an affordable price, no lifetime benefit limit and guaranteed renewal for life

  • Guaranteed lifetime renewal
  • Cover for unknown pre-existing and congenital conditions
  • Choose from 3 covered room levels for different level of coverage in terms of treatment and accommodation
PRUHealth CoreChoice Medical Plan

Get the core private healthcare with no lifetime limit, guaranteed renewable medical insurance

  • Guaranteed renewal up to age 100
  • Cover for unknown pre-existing and congenital conditions

Other Medical Insurance

MediSure Pro

Flexible worldwide medical protection

  • Global Hospitalisation Payment Guarantee
  • Reimburse Major Hospitalisation Charges
Hospital Income Protect

Provide daily cash benefits to allow you focusing on recovery

  • Daily Hospital Cash Benefit up to HK$2,400, and Double Daily Hospital Cash (in ICU)
  • Recuperation Benefits up to HK$1,200 per day
PRUhealth medical plus

Protect yourself with a lifetime medical insurance benefit of HKD 60,000,000

  • Lifetime coverage up to HKD60,000,000
  • Covers eligible cost of Semi-Private Room hospital treatment in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau or Private Room hospital treatment anywhere else within the plan’s coverage area.
  • If the plan is made available, lifetime renewal is guaranteed
PRUmyhealth prestige medical plan

Global healthcare protection tailored for your convenience

  • Lifetime global coverage up to HKD 50,000,000.
  • Covers eligible cost of private room hospital treatment
  • If the plan is made available, lifetime renewal is guaranteed
PRUhealth essential critical care

In-depth medical cost cover for cancer, heart attack and stroke

  • Covers all eligible treatment costs for cancer, heart attack and stroke
  • Covers up to HKD18,000,000 for life
  • Guaranteed Lifetime renewal

Important Notes:

The issuance of this plan does not necessarily mean you are eligible for any tax deduction for the premiums you have paid for this plan. For further information on tax deduction under the VHIS, please contact the Inland Revenue Department. We cannot provide you with any tax advice. If you have doubts, you should seek professional advice.