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Put your savings in action to support sustainable development

Sustainable Savings Account

From now until 31 May 2022, New Clients^ who sign up for Priority Private or Priority Banking can enjoy 1.28%p.a. HKD Savings Rate and up to HKD2,200 cash rebate on Sustainable Savings Account


How does Sustainable Savings Account work?

Sustainable Savings Account is an account that allows you to contribute in sustainable development. Your Sustainable Balance will be used to support qualified green and sustainable activities funded by Standard Chartered. These activities include green financing, sustainable infrastructure projects, microfinance and access to finance for SMEs that qualify in terms of Standard Chartered’s Green and Sustainable Product Framework.

Click here for Sustainable Savings Rate

We have USD 9.2 billion Sustainable Assets in our Sustainable Finance Portfolio (data as of July 2021)

Promotion Offers for Sustainable Savings Account

1.28%p.a. HKD Savings Rate and up to HKD2,200 Cash Rebate(Applicable to New Clients^ who sign up for Priority Private or Priority Banking)

From now till 31 May 2022, New Clients who sign up for Priority Private or Priority Banking and successfully open a Sustainable Savings Account can enjoy the below savings rate for the deposit balance that exceeds the Sustainable Balance (with a cap of HKD8,000,000) for 6 months starting from account opening date.

HKD Above HKD200,000 – HKD8,000,000 1.28%p.a.

What’s more, extra cash rebate will be provided upon maintaining the designated deposit balance in the HKD Sustainable Savings Account till 31 October 2022.

HKD2,000,000 or above HKD2,200
HKD1,000,000 – less than HKD2,000,000 HKD1,000
  1. Quota is limited and the above promotions are available on a first-come-first-served basis.
  2. We reserve the right to modify the Sustainable Balance and the Sustainable Saving Rates from time to time with or without any prior notice or giving any reason (and we shall not be obliged to disclose our reasons).

^New Client refers to a client who did NOT, in the past 12 months from the date of the current sign up for Banking Plan, hold any product or service with or distributed by the Bank (including but not limited to deposit account, investment services and insurance products underwritten by the third party insurer) except Standard Chartered Credit Cards. “Standard Chartered Credit Cards” refer to Standard Chartered Credit Card, Standard Chartered Co-branded Card, MANHATTAN Credit Card and MANHATTAN Co-branded Card issued by the Bank, including supplementary cards, Standard Chartered Business Card and Standard Chartered Corporate Card.



• 18+ years old;
• holding valid Hong Kong Identity Card, Passport or Document of Identity Proof with photo;
• a non-US Resident, non-US citizen and not holding a US Permanent Resident Card (Green Card); and
• opening this account for personal use purpose

Act Now

You may visit any of our branches or My RM to complete account opening.

Terms and Conditions


  • We have mapped our existing business against the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to create a Green and Sustainable Product Framework that details what we as an organisation view as sustainable activities that we finance. The framework has received industry accreditation from Sustainalytics.

    This framework is reviewed independently every year to ensure that the latest developments and trends are regularly incorporated. This framework sets the basis for future sustainable products to help fund the SDGs across the Bank’s footprint markets, especially in developing markets.

  • The themes within our Green and Sustainable Product Framework include COVID healthcare, sanitation, food security along with others such as renewable energy, energy efficiency, access to water and water management, sustainable infrastructure, climate change adaptation, access to finance, healthcare, education and partnerships.

Risk Disclosure Statement

Foreign Exchange Risk Disclosure Statement:

  • Foreign exchange involves risks. Fluctuation in the exchange rate of a foreign currency may result in gains or significant losses in the event that the customer converts deposit from the foreign currency to another currency (including Hong Kong Dollar).

Risk Disclosure Statement for RMB Deposit Services:

  • Renminbi (“RMB”) exchange rate, like any other currency, is affected by a wide range of factors and is subject to fluctuations. Such fluctuations may result in gains and losses in the event that the customer subsequently converts RMB to another currency (including Hong Kong dollars); and
  • RMB is currently not freely convertible and conversion of RMB through banks in Hong Kong is subject to restrictions specified by the Bank and regulatory requirements applicable from time to time. The actual conversion arrangement will depend on the restrictions prevailing at the relevant time.

Important Notes

For Renminbi related services, please refer to RMB Products Solutions or contact our branch staff for details.