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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions set out the rights and obligations of you, the customer, and us, the Bank, in connection with your use of the Service. All the terms and conditions of this agreement are legally binding, so please read them through carefully before you agree to be bound by them.

Retail Clients

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Retail Products

Credit Card
Read more on Credit Card
Notice of Change / Important Notice in relation to Standard Chartered / MANHATTAN Credit Shield / Credit Shield Plus Service (Effective from 1 January 2021)
Notice of changes / Important Notes in relation to Standard Chartered Worldmiles Card (Effective from 12 Jul 2020)
Notice of Change/Important Notes in relation to Standard Chartered/MANHATTAN Credit Cards (Effective from 16 May 2022)
Credit Card Terms
Credit Card Key Facts Statement
Standard Chartered Credit Card Instalment Credit Program/ MANHATTAN “Credit Cash” Instalment Program
Standard Chartered Credit Card Statement Instalment Plan/ MANHATTAN’s “Anything Goes Instalment” Program
Standard Chartered Credit-to-Cash Preferential Annual Rate Program/ MANHATTAN “Credit Cash” Preferential Program
Standard Chartered Credit-to-Cash Preferential Handling Fee Program/ MANHATTAN “Credit Cash” Preferential Handling Fee Program
Terms and Conditions of Standard Chartered Credit Card Instalment Credit Program, MANHATTAN “Credit Cash” Instalment Program, Standard Chartered Credit-to-Cash Preferential Annual Rate Program and MANHATTAN “Credit Cash” Preferential Annual Rate Program
Terms and Conditions of Standard Chartered Credit Card Statement Instalment Plan
Credit Card Repayment Schedule
Standard Chartered Credit Card Instalment Credit Program / MANHATTAN “Credit Cash” Instalment Program
Terms and Conditions for Points Redemption
Over-limit electronic fund transfer handling fee promotion offer terms and conditions

Remarks for Temporary Credit Limit Increase:

The validity period is from 7 to 30 days, and the start date should be within 2 weeks of the date of application submission.
The credit limit will be changed back to the original amount in the second day of the due date. Therefore, please remind to settle the exceed amount of the original credit limit. If not, there will be an overlimit charge.

Personal Loan / Personal Line of Credit / Overdraft
Read more on Investment
Terms and Conditions for Investment Services

For further details, please refer to section II of the Banking Terms and Conditions

Wealth Lending Product Key Facts Statement: Download PDF
Terms and Conditions for Securities eDocuments Service
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Terms & Conditions for Accounts effective* before 25 February 2009

Notice to Customers and Other Individuals relating to the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance and the Code of Practice on Consumer Credit Data

The above terms and conditions are applicable to the banking services and products effective* on or after 25 February 2009. You may obtain a copy from any of our branches in Hong Kong.

* Effective date of the Current/Cheque/Savings Account and Time Deposit Account is the application date, while the effective date of the Credit Card and Personal Loan/Personal Line of Credit/Overdraft Account is the approval date.

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For enquiries relating to Standard Chartered’s terms and conditions and those which are not contained on this website, please visit your nearest branch or call our customer service hotline on 2886 8868.

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