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Complete FOREX solutions

Get hassle free FOREX services for all of your FOREX needs

Complete FOREX solutions

Get complete FCY solution for your overseas travels with our host of FOREX solutions including international travel cards, FCY cash, outward telex transfers, etc.

Medical trips

Get hassle free and easy FOREX services for your medical trips with our various FOREX solutions including international travel cards, FCY cash, outward telex transfers, etc. demand drafts, etc.

Overseas Study

We are there to help you with all your FOREX needs on your abroad studies with our host of FOREX solutions you can easily cater to all your FOREX requirements to support your abroad studies. From outward telex transfer of tuition fees, personal expenses and travel related FOREX requirements, get hassle free and fast services.

FCY encashments

We help you encash your foreign currency at attractive exchange rates.

USD Travel Card

With our internationally accepted USD prepaid travel card, get the best travelling experience without the hassle and risk of carrying cash with you.

FCY exchange rates

Remit with Standard Chartered and enjoy the benefits of its fast and efficient global network.

24X7 client care center
24X7 Client Care Centre

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Foreign Currency Exchange Rates

Counter Rates

1-27-23 3:54 PM



USD                        129.32 130.10         130.05             130.70
EUR                        139.02         139.86             141.26
GBP                        158.34         159.30             160.89
CHF                        138.62         139.46             140.85
JPY (10)                             9.81             9.87                 9.97
AUD                          90.63           91.18               92.09
SGD                          95.45           96.03               96.99
HKD                          16.28           16.38               16.63
CAD                          96.36           96.94               97.91
INR                        1.6000         1.6000             1.6015
DKK                          18.45           18.56               18.81
QAR                          33.75               34.51
CNY                          18.72               19.11
SAR                          33.14               33.83
SEK                          12.24           12.31               12.53
THB                             3.75                 3.85
MYR                          29.43               29.74
AED                          33.87               34.57
KRW (100)                          10.45               10.67
BHD                        342.07             344.87
KWD                        422.10             425.60

Cross Rates for FCY to FCY Transactions

1-27-23 3:54 PM
EUR/USD          1.0837809  EUR/USD              1.0730397  GBP/CHF         1.1511054  GBP/CHF         1.1397296
GBP/USD          1.2343870  GBP/USD              1.2221881  GBP/JPY      162.5151515  GBP/JPY     160.9090909
USD/CHF          1.0699708 USD/CHF              1.0806353  GBP/AUD         1.7606697  GBP/AUD         1.7432699
USD/JPY          132.02020 USD/JPY              131.36364  GBP/CAD         1.6559284  GBP/CAD         1.6395636
AUD/USD          0.7065368 AUD/USD              0.6995550  GBP/SGD         1.6717581  GBP/SGD         1.6552369
USD/SGD          1.3580632 USD/SGD              1.3513092  GBP/EUR         1.1478205  GBP/EUR         1.1364771
USD/HKD          7.9260158 USD/HKD              7.8865979  EUR/CHF         1.0106604  EUR/CHF         1.0006439
USD/CAD          1.3452038 USD/CAD              1.3385138  EUR/JPY      142.6868687  EUR/JPY     141.2727273
USD/DKK          7.0005356 USD/DKK              6.9657204  EUR/AUD         1.5458525  EUR/AUD         1.5305318
USD/QAR USD/QAR              3.7641100  EUR/SGD         1.4677889  EUR/SGD         1.4532419
USD/SAR USD/SAR              3.8521919  CHF/JPY      142.2727273  CHF/JPY     140.8686869
USD/SEK        10.5233494 USD/SEK             10.4710145  CHF/AUD         1.5413657  CHF/AUD         1.5261545

USD Prepaid Card

With our internationally accepted USD prepaid card, get the best experience either you are travelling or shopping

USD Prepaid Card
Features & Benefits
  • Available in USD currency.
  • Can be used for retail transaction and cash withdrawal.
  • Can be used in Visa accepted ATMs and Merchant Outlets
  • Electron/Un-embossed card accepted in ATM & POS terminals.
  • Can be used for Cash Advance and Retail Purchases.
  • Balance Enquiry Options.
  • Personalized Cards.
  • Quick Turn Around Time- Card issued within 10 to 15 Minutes.
  • Balance can be topped up within the card validity.
  • Monthly statement issued.
  • Easy to Apply.
  • e-Statement service.
  • Self activation & Pin change via Online Banking/SC Mobile App.
USD PREPAID CARD (Valid worldwide except Nepal & India) issued against
  • Travel Quota- As per Central Bank’s rules.
  • Export Account.
  • FCY Account.
  • NRB Permit/Letter.
  • No Objection Letter from Ministry of Education & Sports.
  • Completed Application forms.
  • Passport and Confirmed Air Ticket.
  • Authority Letter, NRB permit, as applicable.


Please note that the rates given above are for reference purpose only and the exchange rates may change without prior notice OR the actual transaction may differ depending on the timing and changes in the market exchange rates. The Bank does not bear any responsibility/liability in case of arisen of any loss or damage due to movement in exchange rates.


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