Presenting world-class wealth solutions

Presenting world-class wealth solutions

From everyday banking to long-term investing, we provide a suite of personalised wealth solutions and property investment solutions that help you meet your financial needs locally and globally.

Our Investment Approach

We recognise no individual is the same and we take a personalised approach to identify suitable solutions for your needs. As your trusted partner, your Relationship Manager will begin by getting to know you and your financial priorities, your profile and preferred investment style, so as to guide you on an investment strategy that suits you1.

Here’s how we partner with you on your investment journey:

  1. Understand you and your needs
  2. Help define your investment profile
  3. Provide actionable, relevant and objective information
  4. Offer a range of financial solutions to choose from that meet your needs
  5. Conduct investment reviews at regular intervals and at your request
  6. Keep you well informed with our Weekly and Monthly Market Insights

Priority Solutions

<br>Priority Solutions

Personalised Wealth Solutions

In managing your investment requirements, we take a comprehensive portfolio approach with solutions and products customised to meet your individual financial goals, life stages and risk appetite.

Your Relationship Manager, with the assistance of a qualified team of product specialists, will make sure that you receive the best solutions for the full range of mortgage, investment, treasury and insurance products.

Protection Portfolio

We will find a suitable insurance plan to protect your wealth and make sure that your family’s future is looked after.

Plans ranging from whole life plans to term insurance and investment-linked insurance portfolios that provide you both returns and insurance coverage2

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