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Stay secure anywhere and everywhere

Committed to helping you to fight fraud

You think that it’ll never happen to you — but fraudsters can steal information when you’re at an ATM or online. They can impersonate your bank, the police or someone you know. They can even call, email or message you. So you must be on your guard.

Fraudsters usually try to obtain your card, account and login details, so you should always be vigilant.

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Do’s & Dont’s


    • Always use secure Wi-Fi hotspots – hackers love unsecured public networks
    • Always clear the password history after using a public computer
    • Protect your credit and debit cards at all times – they can be cloned in an instant
    • Guard your credit card and debit card PIN at ATMs and payment terminals – never share it with anyone
    • Report any misplaced, lost or stolen card immediately
    • Be alert for any scam emails like phishing, spam calls, up front payment scams, lottery, rewards and fake SMS alerts.


    • Do not share your account number(s), card number(s), CVV code (3 digit code on the back of your card), One Time Passwords (OTP) with anyone
    • Do not share your credit card/debit card PIN with anyone or merchants
    • Never click on hyperlinks within emails; instead, verify the URL independently
    • Never respond to/make remittances/participate in schemes or offers from unknown entities
    • Avoid filling out forms in email messages that ask for personal financial information


  • What is card fraud?

    Card fraud is an unauthorized transaction on your Debit or Credit card.

  • What is Fraud Guarantee?

    We reimburse you under our Fraud Guard for fraudulent transactions that take place on your Debit or Credit card. Fraud Guard covers online, POS and ATM transactions. It also covers both domestic and overseas transactions.

  • What shall I do in the even of a fraudulent transaction?

    “In the event of a fraudulent transaction on your card, please follow these steps:

    Notify the bank immediately on 600 5222 88 from within UAE (+971 600 5222 88 from outside the UAE)
    For Priority Banking clients notify the bank immediately on 800 4949 from within UAE (+971 4 403 9639 from outside the UAE).”

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