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Access tailored wealth management solutions from the comfort of your home.

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Access tailored wealth management solutions from the comfort of your home.

What is SC DigiAdvisory?

Stay on top of your finances anywhere, anytime. With SC DigiAdvisory, you can connect with your Investment Advisor, Insurance Specialist and Relationship Manager for tailored Wealth Management solutions remotely, from wherever you are.

How do I use SC Digiadvisory?

What you will need
New Wealth Products
  • •       Speak with your Wealth Specialist (Investment advisor and Insurance Specialist) virtually to discuss your financial planning needs.
  • •       Complete your Customer Investment Profile via SC online or SC mobile app.
  • •       Complete your Insurance Financial Need Analysis (IFNA) required for Life Insurance products with your Relationship Manager or Insurance Specialist.
•      Access to BlueJeans for video conference (your Relationship Manager or Wealth Specialist will send you a meeting invitation).

•       Access to the SC Mobile app.

•        Access to your email and mobile number registered with SC.

Managing existing Wealth portfolios •       A complete Financial Planning and/or Portfolio Review with your Relationship Manager and Investment Advisor.

•       A protection review for Life insurance with your Relationship Manager and Insurance Specialist.

•    Execute transactions including subscription, redemption or cancellation*.

•       Actively transact or transfer money internationally 24/7

•       Buy your Travel and Motor insurance anytime, anywhere

•      Access to BlueJeans for video conference (your Relationship Manager or Wealth Specialist will send you a meeting invitation).

•       Indemnity for Electronic Facility which will allow us to act on any requests or instructions sent by you via your registered email.

•      Access to Verbal Order Placement using your registered mobile number to enable you to place your instructions via the phone.

•       Access to the SC Mobile app and SC Online Banking

Important Notes
  • 1. SC DigiAdvisory is an umbrella campaign which covers all digital and electronic capabilities available for Standard Chartered Wealth Management UAE.  This includes completion of the Customer Investment Profile (CIP), purchase of General Insurance, international funds transfers, execution of transactions for investment and insurance products via email indemnity and access to market views on-the-go.
  • 2. SC DigiAdvisory is available free of charge to all existing SCB clients residing in the UAE
  • 3. *The Bank may modify or revise availability of the above processes via SC DigiAdvisory

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