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Reduce your mortgage loan interest the smart way. Offset your mortgage loan interest while you save.

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Reduce your mortgage loan interest the smart way. Offset your mortgage loan interest while you save.

MortgageOne Account* is the smart way to finance your home.

Your current account and your home loan are linked together, with interest calculated on the difference between your loan balance and the money in your account. So you’ll take years off your mortgage and pay less interest as compared to a traditional home loan.


Convenient Banking

24-hour Phone Banking, Online Banking and Mobile Banking, that allows you to manage your money and complete your trasactions anywhere in the world

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Loan Comparisons

All figures in AED
Traditional Home Loan
MortgageOne Account
MortgageOne Account
MortgageOne Account
Loan Amount 1,000,000 1,000,000 1,000,000 1,000,000
Interest Rate Charged on Home Loan (p.a.) 3.75% 3.75% 3.75% 3.75%
Home Loan Tenure (months) 300 300 300 300
Offset Cap N.A. 25% 50% 75%
Offset Fee (p.a.)

(Inclusive of VAT)

N.A. 0.25% 0.50% 1.00%
Monthly Instalment (1st Year) 5,141 5,141 5,141 5,141
Actual Repayment Period (months) 300 244 212 189
Tenure Reduced by (months) N.A. 56 88 111
% Savings No. of Instalments N.A. 19% 29% 37%
Total Interest Paid 732,562 423,003 232,956 100,026
Interest Saved (A) N.A. 309,559 499,606 632,536
Total Offset Fee Paid (B) 0 34,371 63,452 117,381
Net Amount Saved (A-B) N.A. 275,188 436,153 515,155
% Net Amount Saved N.A. 38% 60% 70%

The table* in above section illustrates how the MOA compares to a traditional Home Loan and how it benefits you in terms of lower overall interest cost and reduced loan tenure.

*The above table is indicative and for illustration purposes only. The rates, caps and fees quoted are for illustration and are subject to change and may not apply to your loan. The computation of the numbers, benefits and savings is based on simulated figures and a number of underlying assumptions. These tables are for illustrative purposes only and should not be relied upon when making individual decisions on your home loan package. Please consult your Mortgage Advisor to ensure that you receive complete information on the options available to you.


Eligibility and Documents


  • Maximum loan size of AED 18 M
  • For both completed and building under construction properties as per our list of approved developments
  • Tenure up to 25 years

Documents Required

  • Passport & Visa copy
  • Emirates ID Card copy
  • Last 6 months personal bank statement
  • Employment letter Last Salary slip / Employer Letter
  • Property ownership documents
  • Proof of Customer’s contribution towards payment of property/ Equity payment (where applicable)

How it works

Your current account and home loan are linked together, with the money in your account offset against your loan balance up to a maximum cap of 75%.


Terms & Conditions


All fees and charges listed are inclusive of 5% Value Added Tax (where applicable) effective 1 January 2018. Customer will be required to pay VAT inclusive prices to Standard Chartered Bank. Tax implications on above fees and charges may be subject to change due to evolving nature of VAT regime in UAE.