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No limits. No surprises. No limits. No surprises. Earn money every time you spend with our Simply Cash credit card.
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Simply Cash Credit Card

Enjoy up to 2% cashback* on all your spending.

Cashback Card Benefits

  • Apply now and earn up to
    AED 750

    Cashback as a welcome reward1

  • Enjoy

    cashback on international and airline spends1

  • Get 20% discount on

    Read More

  • Up to

    Complimentary visits for you and additional cardholders to over 1,000 airport lounges a year2*

Credit Card Features

Access to more Entertainment*

Access to more Entertainment* Download the BookingBash application and get the Pro membership (worth up to AED499) as complimentary with your Simply Cash credit card, and avail of substantial discounts on theme parks, museums, cruises, and safaris to indoor activities, BookingBash is your gateway to a world of excitement.

Enjoy 20% off with Talabat

Get 20% discount up to AED 20 per order, with a minimum order of AED 50. Enjoy on maximum of two orders per month. Promo code “SCB20”. Read More

Airport lounge access*²

Enjoy 8 complimentary visits for you and additional cardholders to over 1,000 lounges a year when you make at least 1 international purchase worth USD 1 with your Simply Cash card at least 15 days before you travel.

Medical and Travel Insurance*

With multi-trip travel insurance, Simply Cash Cardholders and their families are covered on all trips for a duration of up to 90 days. Generate your certificate instantly.
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Application Eligibility

  • Age 21 to 60 years old
  • Minimum Monthly Income AED 8,000

Documents Required

  • Copy of Emirates ID / Passport and Visa copy
  • Salary Transfer Letter or Bank Statement/Salary Certificate
    Refer to application form for details

Application Eligibility

  • Age 21 to 60 years old
  • Minimum Monthly Income AED 8,000

Documents Required

  • Copy of Emirates ID
  • Salary Transfer Letter or Bank Statement/Salary Certificate
    Refer to application form for details

Annual fee for new customers

AED 525 (first year free & after the first year and every year after that, your annual fee will be waived if you spend at least AED 9,000 in the previous 12 months.)

Annual Fee supplementary card (s)

First 2 cards are free (AED 105 from 3rd card onwards)

Finance Charges

Retail: 3.45% per month (Effective 10th May 2024 our Annual percentage rate will change to 3.69% per month. For more information visit Service & Price Guide revision notice)

Cash: 3.75% per month

Please click here for more details on all other applicable fees and charges. Fees and charges are subject to change. All fees and charges listed are inclusive of 5% Value Added Tax (VAT), where applicable.

Please click here for more details on all other applicable fees and charges. Fees and charges are subject to change. All fees and charges listed are inclusive of 5% Value Added Tax (VAT), where applicable.

  • First visit to the airport lounge in a calendar year is complimentary. To utilise the subsequent complimentary 7 visits in the same calendar year, a client needs to make a minimum international spend of USD 1 or equivalent.
  • To activate the remaining 7 subsequent visits, the international spend must be done 15 days before you travel, and automatically the (all) remaining visits access will be unlocked for the remaining calendar year period (January to December).
  • Any visit beyond the first complimentary visit, and if the spend criteria is not met, then the cardholder will be charged $32 per usage on the used card.
  • Any visits beyond the (total) 8 complimentary visits in the same year will be charged to your card.
  • The annual lounge visit entitlement and the requirement to meet the eligibility condition will reset from 1 January in subsequent years
  • To view details of your free allocation, the lounges in the program, and to sign up for the mobile app, visit https://www.loungekey.com/en/visamena/our-lounges
  • As part of the default option, any lounge visits outside Visa Lounge entitlement will need to be paid for by the Cardholder (Visit will be charged directly to the card by LoungeKey)
  • Visa International reserves the right to modify or cancel any or all of these offers at any time and without notice.
  • The Cashback Program (“the Program”) for Standard Chartered credit card (the ‘Card’) Customers allows eligible Standard Chartered credit cardholders (“Cardholder/s”) to accumulate Cashback (“Cashback”) on Qualifying Transactions incurred on their Standard Chartered credit card (Card/s) during the Billing Month, as per the minimum and maximum amount set by the Bank from time to time. Cashback accumulated on such Cards can only be redeemed by credit to the Primary Cardholder’s Card Account.
  • Cashback is defined as an accrued amount earned on qualifying transactions at rates decided by the Bank from time to time at its absolute discretion; and which may be credited to the Primary Cardholder’s account on the Primary Cardholder’s request.
  • Only qualifying transactions posted by the Bank to the Card Account would be considered eligible for the Program.The billed amount of the qualifying transaction will be considered for Cashback calculation in the statement that the transaction appears.
  • Billing Month is defined as the statement period for the Primary Card Account and billed amount is the amount of the qualifying transaction as it appears in the statement of account.
  • The Program is open to all Standard Chartered credit cardholders as determined by the Bank from time to time except such Cardholders whose Cards are blocked and who are not in good standing as per the definition of the Bank.
  • The Cashback earned by a Supplementary Cardholder(s) will accrue to the account of the Primary Cardholder.
  • Participation in the Program is automatic for all eligible Standard Chartered credit cardholders. The Bank may impose fees on the Program at its absolute discretion, which may be varied from time to time.
  • Enrolment Date shall mean the date of launch of the Program for the existing Cardholders and the date on which the Primary Account is activated for new Cardholders.
  • Enrolment Year – shall mean “any Twelve-month period” commencing on the Enrolment Date.
  • 1Please note that in order to be eligible for 2% cashback on the credit card for airline spends, the transactions must be conducted directly with the airline (Please refer to the “Merchant Category Codes” table**). Transactions made through aggregators, travel agencies, or third-party websites will not be eligible for cashback rewards.
  • 12% cashback on all spends made overseas or in foreign currencies. From the flight to the restaurant to the tour of the city – if you pay for your trips abroad in a foreign currency, you will earn 2% cashback. No matter how much or little you spend, in any non-AED currency, you still earn the 2%. And don’t forget, these also include online purchases made in foreign currencies.
  • 1For transactions made related to, “Government Fees”, “Insurance Fees”, “Rental Housing Fees” and “Auto Dealership Fees”, 0.2% cashback will be earned. Spends on these categories can be identified through the Merchant Category Code (MCC)- Please refer to the “Merchant Category Codes” table**.
  • On all other domestic spend transactions made excluding the below mentioned Merchants Category Codes** (MCC), you will earn 1% Cashback on all your retail spends.
For reference, please refer to the illustration table below***.
    • **Merchant Category Codes:
      Spend Category Merchant Category Code (MCC)
      AirLine 3000 to 3301
      Government 9399 – 9211 – 9222 – 9223 – 9311 – 9402
      Auto dealership 5511-5521
      Insurance 6300 – 5960 – 3429 – 6381 – 6399
      Rental housing 6513
    • An illustration table***
      Transaction type Cashback Category Amount spent (AED) Cashback earn rate (%) Cashback earned (AED)
      Flight booking Airline 2,000 2% 40
      Foreign currency Other Retail 3,000 2% 60
      Utilities Government 800 0.20% 1.6
      Insurance Insurance 500 0.20% 1.0
      Groceries Supermarket 2,500 2% 50
      School Education 3,000 2% 60
      Online Other Retail 2,000 1% 20
        Total 13,800   233
  • The following transactions are expressly excluded from the Cashback Program:
    • Balance transfers
    • Smart Payment Plans
    • Fixed Payment Plans (including School Fee Payment Plan)
    • Easy Payment Plans
    • Local cash advances
    • Credit Card Cheques
    • Finance charges
    • All fees charged on the Card by the Bank
    • Transactions reversed by Merchants
    • Any other transactions determined by the Bank from time to time
  • The cardholder will earn cashback at a percentage of qualifying transactions as specified by the Bank from time to time, provided the total qualifying transactions incurred in AED (Dirhams) during a billing month meets the minimum amount determined by the Bank (if any).
  • In any given statement cycle, a Cardholder shall only be entitled to earn cashback for transactions carried out within the assigned credit limit on the Standard Chartered credit card. Card transactions exceeding the assigned credit limit shall not qualify for cashback during the statement cycle.
  • The Bank at its sole discretion will round down the total Cashback earned during a billing month to the nearest Dirham. All qualifying transactions billed to the Card Account under this Program are eligible to earn Cashback.
  • A Cardholder cannot accrue Cashback for any retail purchase(s) incurred prior to his/her Enrolment Date.
  • Cashback accumulated by a Cardholder on the Card cannot be combined or used in conjunction with Cashback of his/her other Cards at the time of redemption or transferred to any other card or client loyalty program unless otherwise specifically notified by the Bank.
  • The Cashback is not transferable by operation of law or otherwise to any other person or entity. The Cashback is an accrual payable solely at the discretion of the Bank; it is not an attachable account balance and neither is it a balance which may be transferred to any other person or entity.
  • The accrued Cashback has a monetary value on redemption; it can be redeemed only as a credit to the Primary Card account.
  • When redeemed, the equivalent value will reflect as a credit to the Cardholder’s Account in the same manner as any other repayment.
  • The Bank will notify the Primary Cardholder in the monthly card statement of the Cashback accumulated. The Primary Cardholder can only redeem Cashback after it has been reflected as an accumulated balance in the card statement.
  • In the event the Primary Card account is voluntarily closed by the Primary Cardholder, the Cashback accumulated on his/her Card can be redeemed within 30 days of closure, subject to the same being requested in writing, otherwise the same shall automatically lapse and shall stand forfeited. In the event of cancellation of the Card for any other reason, all accumulated Cashback shall stand forfeited. If the Card is blocked or suspended for any reason whatsoever, then the Cashback accumulated shall stand forfeited but may be reinstated, at the sole discretion of the Bank.
  • The Bank’s decision on computation, lapse, cancellation, forfeiture, credit, debit and re-instalment of Cashback shall be final, conclusive and binding on the Cardholder.
  • The Cashback Card Cashback program will be available to existing Card Members at the sole discretion of Standard Chartered Bank
  • Please note the following:
    • If a transaction is made on your statement generation/billing date, the transaction will be considered for cashback calculation in the following statement.
    • Some merchants take up to 15 days to claim the transaction. If this occurs one day prior to the statement generation/billing date then it will be included in the cashback calculation for that particular month, else this transaction will be considered in the cashback calculation in the following statement.
  • The method for redemption of Cashback is that the Primary Cardholder shall have to redeem the Cashback points through Online banking or the SC Mobile app or call the Standard Chartered Client Care Centre number (+9714) 600 5222 88, and after the identification process, must request redemption of all or part of the accrued Cashback.
  • Each Cashback Point is equivalent to AED 1. The minimum amount that is allowed to be redeemed in any instance is AED 100/-.
  • The Bank will credit the Primary Card Account with the Cashback redemption amount requested within two working days of receipt of the redemption request from the Primary Cardholder.
  • On redemption, the Cashback would automatically be subtracted from the Cashback accumulated in the Cardholder’s account.
  • Cashback must be redeemed by the Cardholder within 12 (twelve) months of earning such Cashback. The Cardholder’s failure to redeem the Cashback within this period, or such other period as decided by the Bank, shall result in the expiry of the Cashback and the same shall be deducted from the Cashback Balance reflected in the Statement.
  • We disqualify you from participation in the program, if we determine, in our sole discretion that:
    • your card account has been blocked, suspended, terminated or closed;
    • you face legal proceedings or are under threat of so;
    • any of your accounts with us are delinquent or unsatisfactorily conducted for any reason; and
    • you are or are potentially in breach of our banking agreement.
  • If we disqualify you from the program, all your Cashback points will be cancelled and will no longer be available for use under the program.
  • The Card must not be overdue, suspended, blocked, cancelled or terminated by the Bank at the time of the receipt of request for redemption of Cashback. In any of the above events, it is at the discretion of the Bank whether the Cashback amount may be redeemed or will be forfeited.
  • Cashback is not exchangeable for other rewards, or refundable, replaceable, or transferable under any circumstances, nor can this be re-converted back to the Cashback accrued.

Fraud and/or abuse relating to earning and redemption of Cashback in the Program may result in forfeiture of the Cashback as well as termination and cancellation of the Card.

The Bank reserves the right to cancel, suspend, change or substitute the Cashback or the Cashback conditions or the basis of computation of Cashback or Terms and Conditions of the Program at any time, without giving any intimation to the Cardholder.

The Bank would be deemed to have acted in good faith in response to any oral or electronic instruction or inquiry by the Cardholder in respect of any matter in relation to this Program and the fulfilment of any redemption request. The Cardholder shall not be entitled to claim or allege any loss, damage, liability, expense, etc. attributable, directly or indirectly, to any such good faith action of the Bank and the Cardholder shall indemnify and hold the Bank harmless in respect thereof.

The Program supplements, but does not in any way amend the Credit Card Agreement between the Bank and the Cardholder, and any term referenced but not defined herein would be interpreted in accordance with the Agreement entered between the Primary Cardholder and the Bank (the ‘Credit Card Agreement’). Notwithstanding anything contained herein, in the event there is any contradiction between these Terms and Conditions and the Credit Card Agreement, then terms of Credit Card Agreement shall prevail.

All terms and conditions defined in the webpage are equally applicable to Cashback and Simply Cash credit cards.

*Offered by Visa International and subject to their terms and conditions. Visit ae.visamiddleeast.com for the latest updates on Signature card benefits. The benefits and features set out are as current as the date they appear in our document. However, they may be subject to change at any time in accordance with the applicable product terms and conditions.

Credit cards are issued at the sole discretion of the Bank and subject to the Bank’s approval criteria. Standard Chartered Bank is not responsible for the content, security, operation, or use of any Third Party Sites (app) or the products or services that may be offered or obtained through them. Applicable Third Party vendor fees/charges may incur VAT.

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