Global banking services

Global banking services

Enjoy a personalised banking service built on Standard Chartered Group’s renowned banking expertise that taps into a global network. Our professional integrated services make everything simpler and easier for you.

Customised financial solutions tailored to your specific needs

Capital Investment Entrant Scheme

  • Standard Chartered CIES Account

We offer you a designated account for the purpose of CIES investment with a diversified choice of CIES permissible investment assets such as Securities, Investment Funds and Debt Securities, enabling you to formulate an investment portfolio that best suits your sophisticated needs. Incorporating the expertise of our experienced team of managers and product specialists, we identify the investment options with outstanding performance and make these available to you through a stringent and thorough selection process.

  • Free-of-Charge Service

No additional service fee is charged for the CIES Account. Instead, you can enjoy exclusive privileges and free professional services on account management and portfolio reporting from Standard Chartered.

Cross Border Witnessing Service for Account Opening*
As our Priority Banking Client, you deserve seamless account opening services, both onshore and offshore. With our Cross Border Witnessing Service, you can enjoy the convenience of completing the account opening forms of our designated offshore bank# without the hassle of travelling.

* Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Limited ("SCBHK") is not an agent of the designated bank and shall only provide clients with witnessing service for account opening purposes. Acceptance of your account opening application is subject to the sole and final discretion of the designated bank.
# Please contact SCBHK’s staff for the details of designated bank.

If the average daily Relationship Balance of the Priority Banking Client within the quarter falls below HKD1,000,000, a maintenance fee of HKD900 will be charged for the quarter. For details, please refer to the Services Charges booklet and Banking Terms & Conditions which can be obtained at any of our branches or at our website

Global Recognition^ for You and Your Family
When you qualify as a Priority Banking client1 in any one country, your status will extend worldwide. This will allow you to enjoy the same privileges for your accounts in other countries. What’s more, your family* will also enjoy the same recognition, whether they are living with you at home or overseas.

^Upon clients request. Please contact our branch staff for details.

* Global recognition will recognise your family members who have become Priority Banking clients through household recognition in one country.

Designated International Banking Centres Worldwide
A warm welcome awaits you and your family at more than 200 Priority Banking or designated International Banking Centres across Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Simply present your Priority Banking Card/Priority Banking Credit Card at these Centres for:

  • Use of our exclusive Priority Banking Centre facilities
  • Inquiry of banking information upon request
  • Preferential foreign currency exchange rates2

Free International Fund Transfers3
Whether you go online, or visit our branches, enjoy complimentary international fund transfers5 whenever you send money to overseas Standard Chartered bank accounts or transfer funds in different currencies between your accounts.

Free Same-day Outward Remittance Service in Greater China
You can transfer funds in different currencies conveniently between your Standard Chartered accounts in Hong Kong, mainland China and Taiwan.

24-hour Toll-free Hotline
24-hour toll-free hotline 400 8888 322 is available in all cities in China.

Free Overseas ATM Network
Provide you with free withdrawals from local and international ATM networks and recognition as a Priority Banking client cross our footprint.

Emergency Cash Services4
Unexpected incidents like losing your wallet can be inconvenient - not if you are a Priority Banking client. Emergency cash service is available to all Priority Banking clients at designated Priority Banking centres or branches in over 20 countries around the world. Emergency cash will be provided immediately after verification of the client’s identity.

International Mortgage5
We offer comprehensive multi-geographical mortgage solutions with attractive interest rates to help you conveniently finance or refinance your overseas residential properties.

Global Link
Seamlessly link and view multiple accounts in different countries in a single view.

1. Eligibility criteria apply.
2. Only applicable to countries with preferential foreign exchange rates for local Priority Banking clients.
3. Clients will receive a fee rebate within approximately 7 working days of the date of the transaction. Upfront handling commission and cable charges are waived. Any other charges (if applicable) will apply. Fees imposed by other banks will apply.
4. Details of Emergency Cash Services:
- Limited to USD5,000 equivalent per emergency request per day
- Handling fees and other charges (if applicable) may apply
Any exchange rate conversion will be effected at our prevailing rate of exchange for that currency. Fees imposed by other banks may apply.
The Emergency Cash Services are provided to you subject to the Emergency Cash Services Terms and Conditions. Please contact the staff of Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Limited (“SCBHK”) for detail.
5. Services or benefits may not be available in all countries and are subject to local regulations. All fee waivers/rebates, charges, exchange rates and services are on promotional basis and subject to change at our discretion and may be adjusted from time to time. Please contact your branch or your Relationship Manager for more details.
Terms and Conditions apply.

Risk Disclosure Statement

  1. Policy risk
    Investments in China, as well as deposits, are likely to be susceptible to the country’s important political, economic and tax policy changes and reforms, the impact of which may adversely affect the performance and return of such investments and deposits.

  2. Foreign currency risk
    • Foreign Exchange Risk:
      Foreign Exchange involves risks. Fluctuation in the exchange rate of a foreign currency may result in gains or losses in the event that the client converts a time deposit from the foreign currency to HKD.
    • RMB Exchange Risk:
      • Renminbi (“RMB”) exchange rate, like any other currency, is affected by a wide range of factors and is subject to fluctuations. Such fluctuations may result in gains and losses in the event that the client subsequently converts RMB to another currency (including Hong Kong dollars); and
      • RMB is currently not freely convertible and conversion of RMB through banks in Hong Kong is subject to restrictions specified by the Bank and regulatory requirements applicable from time to time. The actual conversion arrangement will depend on the restrictions prevailing at the relevant time.
  3. Investment Risk
    Investment involves risks. The prices of investment products may move up or down and the worst case will result in loss of your entire investment. Investors should consider their own investment objective, investment experience, financial situation and risk tolerance level; and also read the terms and conditions of the relevant investment services/offering documents including the risk disclosures, and are advised to seek independent professional advice before making any investment decision.

This document does not constitute any invitation or recommendation to any person to enter into any transaction of financial products. Investors should not make investment decisions based on this document alone. This document has not been reviewed by the Securities and Futures Commission or any regulatory authority in Hong Kong.

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