Message from Karen Fawcett, CEO, Retail Banking

The staff banking programme got off to a strong start in July with the launch of our new strategic partnership with Prudential, offering great discounts on some exciting insurance solutions. Now we are rolling out a staff banking programme right across our footprint, starting with Singapore.

The value proposition is simple: We will treat staff as our best clients. We want to recognise you and give you the best banking experience possible – a "wow" experience. Here’s what it will look like:

  • More and better touch points, including staff banking stations at the office and dedicated phone banking access
  • Easy on-boarding and simple, fast service available 24/7
  • Our best rates for our best products

Staff banking won’t be limited to insurance, of course. It will span your banking experience from retail and wealth products to sales and service across all our channels. What we offer staff should be at least as good - or better - than what we give our best Employee Banking clients.

I believe that if you, our staff, are really excited about our products and services, you will be our ambassadors and recommend us to family and friends. I welcome your suggestions and feedback.