Mortgage Features

money transfer

You can transfer with cash out or with no cash.

added value high interest rates

Float rate, Daily accrual, charged monthly, reducing balance.

time flexible tenure

There is minimum and maximum amount with its tenure accordingly.

Home Loan

Please fill in the following information for an estimation of your repayment amount. The Approximate Monthly Repayment figure for Standard Chartered's Home Loan is indicative and is not meant to be final or binding on the Bank. The Bank reserves the right to determine the final interest rate in accordance with applicable laws and amount that can be borrowed.

Amount You Want To BorrowPlease enter an amount between TZS 30,000,000 and TZS 1,000,000,000

      Please enter a duration between 1 years and 6 years only.

      Your Preferred Payment Method


      Please enter a duration between 3 years and 6 years only.

      Interest Paid Comparison
      Tenure (in Years) Total Interest Paid Outstanding Loan
      1 5,649,367.35 30,000,000
      2 10,781,682.5 29,586,758.34
      3 15,819,349.66 29,095,107.51
      4 20,744,411.66 28,510,170.1
      5 25,535,502.9 27,814,245.47
      6 30,167,200.94 26,986,275.2
      7 34,609,264.99 26,001,204.5
      8 38,825,712.60 24,829,224.2
      9 42,773,734.92 23,434,870.51
      10 46,402,400.49 21,775,949.98
      11 49,651,114.1 19,802,263.4
      12 52,447,782.73 17,454,085.37
      13 54,706,634.89 14,660,360.46
      14 56,325,624.27 11,336,549.43
      15 57,183,342.21 7,382,072.81
      6 remaining months 57,282,599.40 2,677,267.5
      Monthly payment469,261.29
      Total interest 57,282,599.40

      Application Eligibility

      • Minimum: 21 years
      • To be eligible, all you need is to have a minimum net income of TZS 1.5million

      Documents Required

      • Cadastral map/plan of the property prepared by an architect if it is a lease of part of the property such as a flat in a block building
      • Signed & Completed client application form
      • Original/ Certified Copy of the latest 3 salary slips
      • Copy of Valid ID and work ID
      • Title deed (original needed at security perfection copy can be used for initial stage).
      • Sale Agreement and or Letter of Offer supporting the Purchase Price
      • Complete Valuation Report/ Certificate at the Bank’s request(with current market value & forced sale value) by a Bank approved Valuer.- (needed at later stage)
      • Copy of Marriage certificate + spouse’s consent where applicant is married in community of property or for joint applications
      • AML & CDD checklist ( Bank shall provide this)
      • Registered 1st Legal Charge (Bank shall check this)
      • Cadastral map/plan of the property prepared by an architect if it is a lease of part of the property such as a flat in a block building
      • Signed Bank Facility Letter accepting terms and conditions extended by the Bank (pre-disbursal).( shall be provided by bank at later stage )
      • Rates clearance certificate ( land rates must be cleared before security perfection)
      • Copy of Contract for clients employed on a contract
      • Confirmation letter of employment for scheme customers

      No, these will have to come as your contribution as we can only finance up to 80% LTV. They can be deducted if the application has cash out.

      Yes it is possible to apply on condition that you transfer your salary upon approval. (disbursement will only be made after the salary reflects in the SCB ).

      Constructions loans are not in our product offering at present. We want to insure we prepare and are ready with the best construction preposition before we come with it to the market.

      Yes, but the bank will still instruct a valuer from its approved list to carry out an independent appraisal of the property.

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      Mortgage The customer pays off the loan (Principal + Interest) monthly until he/she clears the loan in full.


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