Enjoy the benefits of flexible repayment and affordable rates.


  • Buy Your Home

    Standard Chartered property loans help you buy your dream home quickly and easily, offering access to competitive interest rates.

  • Top-Up

    Top up your existing mortgage and use the funds to meet your needs. Our top-up solution offers cashback to help you manage your finances. Funds can also be used to improve your home.

  • Balance Transfers

    Re-mortgage your home with Standard Chartered, and we'll give you a cash rebate on the difference through our balance transfer solutions.

  • Loan Consolidation

    Combine all your loans in one basket to enjoy lower premiums and monthly repayments that are spread over long tenures.


Standard Chartered Bank housing loans are the perfect solution when you need fast, flexible financing. Whether you are first time buyer, looking for investment in property or simply want to upgrade your home, Standard Chartered can help turn your dreams to reality.

Product Information
  • Equity Release
    Make your property work for you through an Equity Release loan. Equity is the difference between your mortgage balance and the market value of your house. Whether you want to renovate or extend, an equity release is the most affordable solution for your needs. Simply Contact us to find out how you can unleash the value of your home wit an Equity Release loan.
Useful tip: Property appreciates and increases in value over the years.
Product Links

1. Buying your home
Buy your home with Standard Chartered mortgage.

2. How to top up your loan
Top up your loan to make home improvements.

3. Equity release
Make your property work for you through an Equity Release loan.

4. Refinancing
Mortgage refinancing helps free up cash when needed.

Helpful Links

1. Steps to buying your home
There comes a time in life where owning your own home is a necessity, especially when you think about how much money is spent on rentals. Buying property for the first time can seem complicated. Find out how to own your home in 6 simple steps.

Step 1 Calculate

Find out how much you can borrow using our Mortgage Affordability calculator.

Step 2 Identify your home

Now that you know how much you can afford, the next step is to find the property. Local estate agents can be particularly useful. Also check in local newspapers for the latest affordable properties.

Useful tip: Beware of fraudsters. Ensure the person you are dealing with is reputable. Insist on seeing the title deed of the property in question.

Step 3 Make an offer

Once you have identified your dream home, it's time to put an offer on the table. Make an offer and ensure you have any agreement between the two parties in writing. This will come in handy for your home loan application.

Useful tip: Ensure you are getting your monies worth. In most cases, the sale value is lower than the open market value of the property. If there is no valuation report, check out asking prices for similar properties.

Step 4 Apply

Once your offer has been accepted in writing, submit an application through our home loan centre. Simply apply online or visit our home loan centre. Ensure you have all the required documentation to fast track your application.

Step 5 Register

Once your home loan has been approved you will need to register a bond. You will need to go through an attorney in order to do this, incurring bond registration and legal fees. Ensure that rates are cleared by obtaining a rates clearance certificate.

Useful tip: Rates are due annually. Ensure you keep your payments up to date.

Step 6 Move in

Congratulations. You should now have the keys to your new home. Move in and discover how you can make your property work for you through a Standard Chartered Equity Release loan.

2. Managing your loan
It is important to ensure that you manage your loan effectively throughout the years. Find out how to free up extra income through loan consolidation and reduce your loan term by making extra repayments.

3. Investing in property
Find out how investing in property can work for you, whether you are buying to rent or buying to live in property investment is also certainly guaranteed to give you return on your investments.

4. Home Loan Solutions
Standard Chartered offers you a range of Home Loan solutions to suit your needs. Find out how much you qualify for and fill in an application online.

Improving your home (top-up)

Simply top up your home loan and use the excess funds to improve your home and increase its value. Whether you want to pave the driveway, install a new kitchen or put in a swimming pool, Standard Chartered can help.


  • Age: 21-65 years
  • Minimum income: BWP 3000 net
  • Amount: BWP 75,000 – 2.5 mn (*priority)
  • Banking relationship: Must have a Standard Chartered account
  • Other sources of income: 10% commission and 40% rental earned in a Standard Chartered account

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