Yield Enhancement

Good cash management for your business means two things:

Business expansion requires capital investments, which are basically medium to long-term investments financed by one or a combination of the following:

  • Careful assessment of the cash level required to meet your business commitments
  • Ensuring that idle funds are invested to optimize the returns on your cash

While this cash is not necessary for daily operational needs, it need not lie idle as a cash stockpile. Prudent management of your excess cash can have a significant impact on the ability to fund your business expansions and improve your business profitability.

Optimising the management of your excess cash

Making the smartest decision to manage your excess cash is as important a business decision as any. You may consider the following steps before you make that decision:

Step 1: decide on how much to invest
Step 2: understand where to invest

As an entrepreneur, your greatest opportunities may lie in investing in your own business. Accordingly, you may want to invest your excess capital in liquid, comparatively low-risk investments. This investment portfolio will enable you to tap into this capital when the business climate demands it.

Maximizing returns on your excess cash

We are your business partner. We provide you access to investment expertise to secure higher yielding solutions based on your business' needs and risk profile. We also offer preferential pricing on higher investment volumes.

Yield Enhancement Solutions:

Fixed / Term Deposit Accounts

A short term investment product enables you to earn more yield than a regular deposit account. The yield is based on interest rates for fixed tenors of 90 Days, 6 Months, 12 Months and 24 Months. In addition, it can be used as security against borrowing from the Bank.

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Call Deposit Accounts

Earn interest from your surplus operating cash flow. Open with a minimum of BWP 10000.

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Fixed Income Deposits

Maximise your returns through our onshore and offshore short term and long term investments solutions.

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Business Savings Account

We know you have big dreams for your business. Our secure and rewarding Business Savings Account is an ideal way to save for your business.

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