• Risk Funeral policy on a group basis upon natural or accidental death of an employee/member and his/her nominated beneficiaries in an organisation.
  • The Funeral cover can be taken on an embedded basis as part of the essential element of the employee package of the organisation (i.e. employer pays the premiums) or a voluntary basis paid by the employee through the employer (i.e. employee pays the premiums).
  • Provides cover for:
    • Main life
    • Spouse
    • A maximum of 6 Children
    • A maximum of 4 Parents
    • Extended family members
  • Minimum entry age:
    • 18 years for the main life
    • 21 years for children
  • Maximum entry age:
    • 60 years for policyholder
    • 21 years for children
    • 75 years (age next birthday) for parents
  • Termination age:
    • 65 years for policy holder
    • 21 years for children unless still at a registered institution, or mentally retarded or permanently disabled.
    • Membership of the policyholder terminates when the policyholder leaves the scheme.
    • Membership for all covered persons of the policyholder will cease when the policyholder leaves the scheme.


  • The lump sum benefit is payable to the beneficiaries or nominated persons in the event of the death of an employee (or his/her family member) of an organisation. The benefit is a fixed amount agreed with the employer (in case of an embedded basis) or an employee (in case of a voluntary basis).
  • Premiums paid for the whole term of the policy.
  • Premiums can be paid on a monthly, quarterly, annually and bi-annually basis.


  • No waiting period for accidental causes of death for employee and his/her immediate family.
  • An inbuilt accidental death benefit is 2x the death benefit cover is provided.
  • This cover provides a cash sum towards funeral expenses for extended family - children aged 21+, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, nephew, niece, parent-in-law, parent aged 75+, grandmother and grandfather


  • 6 months waiting period for natural causes of death.
  • 12 months waiting period for natural causes of death for parents and extended family.
  • The premium payment frequency stated in the contract must be adhered to upon commencement of the policy.
  • Failure to pay the agreed premium will result in the termination of the policy.
  • All claims i.e. death and disability should be notified within 6 months from date of occurrence.
  • Policy lapses upon missing three premiums.
    • There is however a waived period during which the scheme can advice whether they are terminating or not.


  • Intentional contravention of any criminal law, whether legislative or at common-law, by the Insured, or by anyone acting on behalf of the Insured or with the Insured's permission or knowledge or by any person claiming any benefit under the policy.

Premium Rates & Cover Levels

  • Premium Varies per scheme:
    • Embedded: Rates in the range of P7.15 to P71.50
    • Voluntary: Rates in the range of P10.65 to P92.70
  • Funeral benefit varies and it is the (cover amount opted at inception of policy):
    • Embedded: Benefit in the range of P1 000 to P15 000
    • Voluntary: Benefit in the range of P1 000 to P15 000

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