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New upgraded privileges for Wealth Management Connect

Enjoy cash rebate of up to HKD21,500

Offers for New Wealth Management Connect Clients

From 1 April to 30 June 2024, you may enjoy the following welcome privileges upon signing up for Wealth Management Connect with Priority Banking.

Wealth Management Connect Offer

Offer 1 – Wealth Management Connect Offer

Enjoy up to HKD9,500 Cash Rebate for HKD3,000,000 or equivalent new fund amount and for applying and successfully signing up for Southbound Wealth Management Connect Account Service*.

Enjoy up to HKD3,500 Cash for HKD3,000,000 or equivalent remittance and for applying and successfully signing up for Northbound Wealth Management Connect Account Service*.

* Applicable to clients who do NOT have Wealth Management Connect account service with the Bank in the past 12 months prior to the date of the current signing up for Wealth Management Connect account service.

Offer 2 – Foreign Exchange

Enjoy RMB 400 Cash Reward for every RMB 100,000 Foreign Exchange Transaction from RMB to USD.

Accumulated Amount (RMB)
Cash Reward (RMB)
Every 100,000 that is less than 3,000,000 400
3,000,000 or above 12000
Offer 3 – Unit Trust

0% Online Subscription Fee Offer for New clients of Investment Fund Services

Offer 4 – Offer for referrer

You will be rewarded with Cash Rebate for successfully referring a new client to sign up for designated service and/or Wealth Management Connect Account Service. Refer your friends to earn fabulous rewards now.

Rewards per successful referral~

Priority Private Priority Banking Premium Banking Easy Banking Salary BonusPack Wealth Management Connect
HKD8,000 Cash Rebate HKD1,000 Cash Rebate HKD400 Cash Rebate HKD300 Cash Rebate HKD100 Cash Rebate HKD500 Cash Rebate

~ Each Referrer will only be entitled to the Referrer Offer under each of the Referral Programs for a maximum of 10 times in each Promotion Quarter even if the total number of Successful Referrals made under a Referral Program in a Promotion Quarter is more than 10.

Terms and conditions apply.

New PP or PB Clients Welcome Offer1

Existing PP or PB Clients Upgrade Offer

New Funds Growth Rewards2,3

  • HKD4,000 cash rebate or 40,000 Asia Miles3 for depositing the first HKD1,000,000 new funds
  • HKD3,000 cash rebate or 30,000 Asia Miles3 for depositing every subsequent HKD1,000,000 new funds

New Funds Growth Rewards2

  • Enjoy HKD1,000 cash rebate or 10,000 Asia Miles3 for every HKD500,000 new funds deposits.

Other Fascinating Offers

  1. New Clients” refer to those who are NOT holding any banking products or services with or distributed by the Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Limited (the “Bank”) (including but not limited to deposit account, investment service and insurance products underwritten by the third party insurer) in past 12 months from the date of signing up for Priority Private/Priority Banking except Standard Chartered Credit Cards.
  2. New Funds Growth Rewards for New Priority Private or Priority Banking Clients are only applicable to “Southbound Scheme” Wealth Management Connect Clients.
  3. Enjoy up to HKD22,000 or 220,000 Asia Miles by signing up Priority Banking. New clients sign up for Priority Banking may enjoy up to HKD22,000 cash rebate or 220,000 Asia Miles for depositing at least HKD7,000,000 new funds and fulfil all requirements. For details, please refer to the terms and conditions.

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