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Greater China An Opportunity Too Big to Ignore

Live webinar

Greater China An Opportunity Too Big to Ignore

Title Greater China An Opportunity Too Big to Ignore
Webinar Details China has been a bright spot this year for recording a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) surged by 18.3% in the first quarter of 2021.

The growth will likely to continue considering Chinese consumers has regained their confidence post lockdown last year. The country’s aspiration to double its GDP by 2035 adds to the policy support rolled out by the Chinese government.

China is expected to surpass US to be the largest economy as early as 2028.

Don’t miss the chance to join an interactive live session with Investment Director of AxJ Equities, Schroders, Stephen Kam to find out the opportunities.

Host Benjy Tan

Investment Advisor
Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia

Speaker(s) Stephen Kam

Investment Director
AxJ Equities, Schroders

Registration Link https://primetime.bluejeans.com/a2m/register/rgrwuktg
Post event
Key Takeaways
1. Greater China’s economic growth to accelerate – Growth will be broad-based where sectors exposed to structural growth themes are likely to outperform while cyclical sectors are supported by broad global economic recovery stemming from the fading Covid-19 impact.


2. Corporate earnings growth and upgrades – are the major supporting factors even though normalisation of monetary policy in will likely cap valuation upside for stocks.


3. China A – offers opportunities to participate in strong growth in Chinese middle income group’s pick up in consumption and spending. The market is currently under-invested by international investors and is likely to gain more attention as inclusion into MSCI indices take place in the coming years.


Seize the China opportunity with RHB China A, a portfolio strategy that invest into companies with exposure to ‘new economy’, in particularly mid-cap companies which are aligned to China’s structural growth trends, driven by high-end technology innovation and domestic consumption.