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Your next car should an Electric Vehicle

Your next car should an Electric Vehicle

Your next car should an Electric Vehicle

Title Your next car should an Electric Vehicle
Webinar Details Consumer spending on electric vehicles (EV) surged in 2020 despite the Covid-19 pandemic. Total EV registration rose by 41% and hit US$ 120 billion spent.


The recent Hertz-Uber partnership will have 50,000 Teslas available for drivers by 2030 and there is also a rising demand for EVs in other segments of road transportation, such as buses, vans, and heavy trucks on roads.


Should you be getting an electric vehicle soon?
Are there opportunities to invest in EV related industries?


Get your queries answered this Saturday by Roxy Wong, Portfolio Manager from BNP Paribas Asset Management, and a guest appearance from Auto Bavaria will be sharing of an exclusive deal to ride the future with BMW.

Host Christine Lim

Investment Advisor
Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia

Speaker(s) Roxy Wong

Portfolio Manager, Hong Kong
BNP Paribas Asset Management 


Zhareef Zamree

BMW Product Genius
BMW Group Malaysia

Post event

Key Takeaways

Thank you for attending last Saturday’s webinar on “Your next car should be an Electric Vehicle”. The session with Roxy Wong, Portfolio Manager from BNP Paribas Asset Management and Zhareef Zamree, BMW Product Genius focused on the potential of Electric Vehicles (EVs) and supply chain.


As global leaders convene in Glasgow to accelerate actions on climate change, Malaysia has embarked on its journey towards being a carbon neutral country by the year 2050. The Malaysian government announced in Budget 2022 its support in providing a full exemption on import, excise duties and sales tax for EVs, as well as income tax exemption for individuals to encourage EV ownership.


Here are some key highlights, or you can watch the replay below.


1. Market Penetration

We are at the early stage of EV rollout. Global EV sales grew 160% in 1H 2021 and is expected to continue to grow exponentially. By 2030, EV sales is projected to grow to 29 million with China accounting for than 40% of global EV sales.


2. Infrastructure & Innovation development.

The race is on to develop components and infrastructure to match the growth of EV adoption. Battery lifespan has improved substantially while cost has dropped about 89% in the last decade. Companies are also looking into recycling lithium-ion batteries and produce light weight car by using carbon fibre. BMW’s new EV models are produced in factory powered by hydroelectric and utilizes recycled materials.


3. Winning Sectors

The adoption of electric vehicles will not be confined in passenger cars as buses and trucks are electrified. The supply chain of electric vehicles such as software development, semiconductor manufacturing and electric charging stations will also be benefited in the near future.


You can drive away a brand-new BMW with an exclusive offer from Auto Bavaria available between now till 15th Nov, presented in partnership with Standard Chartered Bank.

Please contact Edwin (Head of Sales, Auto Bavaria) at 6012 614 1220.


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Your next car should an Electric Vehicle

The rising demand for EVs in the automation and transportation sectors has presented opportunities in the near future.