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It’s good to have a single platform for bill management

Bill Payment

Enables Standard Chartered customers to make bill payment via the Bank’s internet banking and mobile banking.

Handle your bills with FPS instead

Use SC Pay (FPS) or Scan & Pay to make bill payments instead to skip the hassle of adding bill payee. Settle your bill payment at ease in your mobile with SC Pay (FPS).

Step 1

Select “Payments” > “Bills Summary” > “Add a New Bill Payee

How to add bill payee Step 1
Step 2

Select merchant type and name. Multiple merchants could be added to your Bill Payee list.

How to add bill payee Step 2
Step 3

Input bill number and payee nickname (optional)

How to add bill payee Step 3
Step 4

Review and confirm payee details. Upon confirmation, bill payee would be added successfully

How to add bill payee Step 4

Step 1

Select “Transfer & Payment”

How to pay the bill via SC Mobile Step 1
Step 2

Select “Pay Bills”

How to pay the bill via SC Mobile Step 2
Step 3

Select payee

How to pay the bill via SC Mobile Step 3
Step 4

Select debit account

How to pay the bill via SC Mobile Step 4
Step 5

Input amount and description (optional)

How to pay the bill via SC Mobile Step 5
Step 6

Input transfer date and repeat instruction (or not)

How to pay the bill via SC Mobile Step 6
Step 7

Confirm details

How to pay the bill via SC Mobile Step 7
Step 1

Select “Payments” > “Bills Summary” and tick beside the payee to be paid

How to pay the bill via Online Banking Step 1
Step 2

Input bill details (Debit account, Bill amount, Pay date, Repeat instruction (or not), Description (optional))

How to pay the bill via Online Banking Step 2
Step 3

Confirm bill payment details

How to pay the bill via Online Banking Step 3

Step 1

Select “Payments” > “Bills Summary” and click onto “Enroll e-bill Summary

How do I enroll for EBPP Step 1
Step 2

Input enrolment details

How do I enroll for EBPP Step 2
Step 3

Confirm e-bill enrolment details

How do I enroll for EBPP Step 3

Remark 1: EBPP participating merchants include BOC Group Life Assurance Co Ltd, Citybase Property Management Limited, Government General Demand Note, Hong Kong College of Technology, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Asia) Ltd, OCBC Wing Hang Bank Limited and Tung Wah College.

Remark 2: From Jun 2021 onwards, EBPP service with Water Supplies Department (WSD) and Rating and Valuation Department has been terminated. Your payment to these merchants will NOT be affected.

Select “Payments” > “Bills Summary” > select “View all e-bill Summaries

Step on how to view e-Bill


  • Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment Service (EBPP) enables Standard Chartered Online Banking customers to register, receive, view and pay bills anytime and anywhere via the Bank’s internet banking, achieving a more effective management of all bills and payments without any geographical constraints.

  • Merchants with EBPP service provided have “Available to Enrol e-bill Summary” in e-bill status. You can enrol an EBPP service via your Standard Chartered Online Banking. After the merchant confirms the enrolment request, you can receive and view the e-bill and make payment on the same platform.

  • Yes, provided that the bill owner agrees and the merchant allows third party enrolment. A related template will be prompted for you to enrol. To enrol a third party eBill, you also need to provide the bill owner’s personal information such as date of birth (month & year), a partial identity number or subscription code (if applicable) for merchant validation.

  • The standard service lead time for merchants should be no more than 60 days. You will also be informed by us via SMS about the result of your request.

  • When an e-bill is ready in your Standard Chartered Online Banking, you will receive reminder from us via SMS. Please log on Standard Chartered Online Banking ‘View & Pay Bills’ page and check the e-bill summary.

  • Approximately 5 days before due, you will receive SMS friendly reminder from us. Since SMS especially via roaming is not guaranteed, you are advised to log on your Online Banking “View & Page Bill” page to manage your bills and payments.

  • At most 12 e-bill summaries will be retained. You can print it for your record.

  • Yes. The same bill account number is allowed a maximum of five enrolment requests, no matter whether it is in the same or different banks.

  • Yes, but it depends on the participating merchants. Only bills in HKD denomination can be settled via Bill Payment service of our Online Banking. If you would like to settle non-HKD bill via Online Banking, please check with your Participating Merchant for the HKD equivalent amount of the bill before effecting bill payment request. The bill payment system will debit your HKD account for payment.

  • At the moment we do not provide any e-receipt. You can check the payment transaction status from Standard Chartered Online Banking. We are striving to raise our service standard and planning to provide this service in future.

    1. We note that the number of Participating Merchants in Standard Chartered Online Banking is different from that in other Banks. Nevertheless we are striving to serve our customer better and planning to support more Participating Merchants in future.