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Hk dormant account masthead

Dormant Account FAQs

Dormant Account

A savings / current account will become dormant if no transactions are made by the client for 12 consecutive months.

Under normal circumstances, your dormant account can be reactivated via our customer service hotline at 2886-8888. Please prepare your dormant account number, as well as your Telephone Identification Number (TIN) before calling. You can also visit our branches for account reactivation.

Financial transactions may be required for account reactivation. If you are unable to visit a branch, you may ask your family/friends to make a cash/cheque deposit into the account at counters. Afterwards, you (the account holder) will need to call back to complete the account reactivation, unless you have received a “Notification of Transaction Through Your Account” letter informing you that your account has been reactivated.

For dormant joint account, we recommend to have the primary account holder to contact us for account reactivation.

Service restrictions in non-manned channels and others:

  • You cannot choose the account as debit or credit account for transaction or payment through Online Banking, SC Mobile App, ATM, and Automated Phone Banking
  • Transfer through Faster Payment System (FPS) to the account is not allowed
  • Cash / cheque deposit through ATM (including Cash and Cheque Deposit Machine) is not allowed.
  • You cannot request any cheque books for the account (if applicable)

Services that are still allowed:

  • Inward remittance by Telegraphic Transfer (TT) or Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS)
  • Cash deposit into the account over-the-counter at branch
  • Cheque deposit into the account over-the-counter or through cheque drop box at branch

Reminder: If the account is dormant for over 5 years in our Bank’s record, the relevant account may be classified as an unclaimed account. You will no longer be able to reactivate or operate your account, and will only be permitted to close the account to withdraw funds. As a reminder, we may notify you in advance before your account becomes unclaimed.

When your account is reactivated, all specified service restrictions as specified above will be uplifted.

If you can choose the account as a debit or credit account through automated banking channels including Online Banking or SC Mobile App, your account has been reactivated and can be operated as usual. You may also contact us to enquire about the status of the account.

  • Your account will turn dormant if there is no client-initiated transaction in the account for 12 consecutive months. We recommend that you use the account regularly to make transactions in order to keep it active.
  • The Bank may notify you to make transactions as soon as possible to prevent your account from turning dormant if there are no client-initiated transactions in your account for 10 consecutive months. To ensure that you are able to receive our notification on time, please be reminded to keep your contact details in our record up to date for receiving latest information.
  • Examples of transactions:
    • Fund transfer from other bank accounts
    • Fund transfer between own accounts within bank
    • Transfer through Faster Payment System (FPS) from or to the account
    • Credit or debit transaction by Telegraphic Transfer (TT) or local RTGS transaction from or to the account
    • Cash deposit / withdrawal through ATM machine / at counter
    • Cheque deposit through ATM machine / drop box / at counter
    • Any other financial transactions through hotline or counter
    • Fund transfer between sub-accounts in an Integrated Deposits Account (IDA)