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Mobile Account Opening FAQs


General and Eligibility FAQs

  • Mobile Account Opening enables new bank clients to open an Integrated Deposits Account (IDA) via SC Mobile App in just a few minutes. No need to visit the branch or submit any physical document, and you can apply for an IDA anytime, anywhere! Once the account is open, you can enjoy the service via our SC Mobile App and Online Banking.

    For details and terms, please click here.

  • To be eligible to apply for an Integrated Deposits Account via SC Mobile App, you should meet ALL the following criteria:

    1. Not holding any of the following deposit account with Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Limited:

    • Savings Account
    • Current/ Cheque Account
    • Integrated Deposits Account
    • Time Deposit Account

    2. Holding a valid adult Hong Kong Identity Card (HKID);

    3. Hong Kong Permanent or non-Permanent Resident aged 18 or above;

    4. Non-US Resident, non-US citizen and not holding a US Permanent Resident Card (Green Card);

    5. Opening this account for personal use purpose.

  • Yes, as long as you do not hold any deposit account with us and meet the other requirements listed above at the time of IDA application via SC Mobile. Your personal information under your existing Standard Chartered credit card will be updated according to the mobile application form after your bank account is opened.

  • Yes, as long as you are a new bank client and meet the above requirements.

  • Yes, you may open an Integrated Deposits Account directly via SC Mobile App or SCB’s online application form.

    For online application form submission, you will be required to visit branch after submitting the online form, find more details in our website.

  • We will ensure that your personal information, including your HKID photos and selfie photos are protected and encrypted throughout the transmission. Please note that all the data submitted will only be kept with SCB.

Account Opening Process FAQs

  • Step 1: Download the latest version of the SC Mobile App and click on “Open an Account” icon in the app home screen

    Step 2: Have your HKID card and mobile device ready

    Step 3: Complete the application as guided in the app, which requires just a few minutes

    Your mobile device should be supported with iOS version 14 or above (iPhone 6S or later model) or with Android version 9.0 or above; and equipped with front and back camera, and gravity sensor for identity verification purpose.

  • No, you do not need to upload any document during the application process via SC Mobile App.

  • In general, where all requirements and validation are passed, your account can be opened in a few minutes after your application submission.

    We will send the confirmation SMS and Email to your registered mobile phone number and email address to notify you of your application status.

    Once your Integrated Deposits Account is successfully opened, you can then login SC Mobile App with the registered user name and password to set up your account and select your preferred banking offers within the next 30 days. You can also login online banking to view your account details and start using our banking services relating to the account, including making a deposit.

  • The account is ready for use once you receive the successful account opening confirmation SMS and Email. You may then consider logging into your account via SC Mobile to sign up for an exclusive new client offer and start funding in to experience our service.

    Please note that the withdrawal and fund transfer function may be activated within 2 business days after the account opening date and account validation is completed

  • Yes, you need to create a new Online Banking Username / Password.

    Please note your Online Banking Username / Password registered with our credit card will be deactivated once your new applied account is successfully opened. Please use the newly registered one to enjoy our banking services.

  • Yes, if your application has been verified with the One-Time Password, you can input the below to resume your incomplete application:

    1. HKID number or Application Reference Number; and
    2. SMS One-Time Password sent to the mobile number provided by you during the mobile application process

    Please note that you can resume your application within 14 days from the date of application creation. After that, you will be required to submit a new application for account opening via SC Mobile App.

Product related FAQs

  • The application is free of charge! For other service charges, please click here.

  • All services, except written instructions or other service request that requires your handwritten signature, including cheque book request, will be available to this new Integrated Deposits Account opened via SC Mobile App.

    To enjoy full banking services, please bring along your identity document and a valid ATM Card and visit any of our branches to provide us a specimen of your handwritten signature after your integrated deposits account is opened.

  • Once your account is opened, a UnionPay Single Currency Standard Chartered ATM Card will be issued to you.

    Please login SC Mobile to set up your account and select your preferred banking offers with a different card design within 30 days after your account is opened.

    Please note our account setup is available in SC Mobile from 8AM to 10PM Monday to Sunday.

    If you do not complete the account setup, the prevailing savings interest rates will continue to be applied on your Integrated Deposits Account opened via SC Mobile App, and your banking plan will remain to be Easy Banking.

  • If the average daily Relationship Balance of a Priority Banking Client within the quarter falls below HKD1,000,000, a maintenance fee of HKD900 will be charged for the quarter.

    Maintenance fee is now waived for Premium Banking and Easy Banking Clients.

    Please click here for the details.

  • Once you receive your ATM Card, please activate it as instructed and set up ATM PIN on Online Banking with below steps:

    1. Login to Online Banking (
    2. Click ‘Help & Services’
    3. Select ‘ATM Card Activation & PIN Set’
    4. Follow the instructions with One-Time Password and submit the request