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About Scan & Pay

What is ‘Scan & Pay’?

‘Scan & Pay’ is a payment service using QR code (Quick Response Code) compatible with the Faster Payment System (“FPS”) through which you can send payments from your eligible source account to a QR Payee by simply scanning the QR Payee’s QR Code and receive payments via this service by generating a QR Code using the SC mobile application and applications as specified by us from time to time.

What are the ‘Scan QR’ and ‘Generate QR’ functions under ‘Scan & Pay’?

‘Scan QR’ is a function that allows you to send/transfer money to friends or merchants simply by scanning a FPS QR code of your friends and merchants. You can also import your friends’ and merchants’ QR code from your device’s photo library.

‘Generate QR’ is a function that allows you to create your own FPS QR code for requesting payments from your friends by showing or sending it to your friends and requesting for the payments, with an option to specify an amount.

To send/transfer or receive payments from QR transactions, the currency of the accounts of the payor and payees must be the same.

Who can use ‘Scan & Pay’?

To use ‘Scan & Pay’, you need to:

  1. Be a Standard Chartered Online banking client;
  2. Download SC Mobile app version 5.7.3 or above;
  3. Hold an eligible HKD or CNY sole or ‘either-to-sign’ joint account (Current or Savings account); and
  4. Register SC Pay (FPS) with either mobile number or email address as a proxy

Which of my bank accounts will be used for ‘Scan & Pay’?

The source account you have selected for your Default Proxy (Mobile number/email address) at SC Pay registration or in SC Pay ‘Settings’ will be the bank account to be used for ‘Scan & Pay’. It will be what we called the source account for making and receiving payments by ‘Scan & Pay’.

To change the source account of your Default Proxy:

  1. Login SC Mobile.
  2. From the side menu on the left, select ‘Settings’ -> ‘SC Pay’.
  3. Select the Default Proxy and enter the One-Time-Password received.
  4. Change the ‘source account to transfer money via SC Pay’.

How can I access ‘Scan & Pay’?

There are 3 ways you can access ‘Scan & Pay’ on SC Mobile:

  1. Tap the ‘Scan & Pay’ button on the pre-login screen;
  2. If you have already logged in, select ‘Scan & Pay’ from the side menu on the left; or
  3. From the SC Pay send money screen, tap the QR icon appearing next to the payee details input field.

How do I pay via ‘Scan & Pay’?

Open ‘Scan & Pay’ and simply scan the intended recipient’s QR code with your mobile, or import QR codes from your device’s photo library.

  1. Once the intended recipient’s QR code is recognised, check the payee name to ensure you are paying the right person or merchant.
  2. If the payment currency and/or amount are not specified by the payee, enter the payment currency and/or amount, as applicable.
  3. Slide to confirm payment and that’s all!

You will receive a notification message via your default Proxy ID (Mobile number/Email address) for successful transfer.

How do I receive payment via ‘Scan & Pay’?

  1. From ‘Scan & Pay’ screen, select ‘Generate QR’.
  2. The payer can scan your unique QR code with their bank mobile application that supports FPS QR payments.
  3. Payer enter payment amount and message (as applicable) with their bank mobile application.
  4. Once transaction is completed, you will receive the payment with your Standard Chartered Bank account linked to your Default Proxy ID (Mobile number/Email address).

If you would like to request a specific amount from the payer, you can:

  1. Tap “Customize QR” at the bottom of the ‘Scan & Pay’ screen.
  2. Choose the currency (if applicable) and enter the amount you would like to request.
  3. Tap ‘Continue’ to generate the QR code specifying the amount requested.
  4. The payer can scan the customised QR code with their bank mobile application that supports FPS QR payments and proceed with the payment.
  5. Once transaction is completed, you will receive the requested payment with your Standard Chartered Bank account linked to your Default Proxy (Mobile number/Email address).

With either method, you can share the QR code with the payer via instant messengers by tapping the ‘Share’.

Do I need to generate a new QR code each time I wish to request for payment?

Where you have previously generated a QR code without a specific amount which has previously been provided to the payer, the payer can proceed with the payment by importing the image of your QR code to their respective bank mobile application that supports FPS QR payments and uploading of QR image for making the payment. This is so except where you have changed your mobile number or email address which was registered as your SC Pay Default Proxy ID or have deleted your Default e from SC Pay.

My friend has sent me a QR code requesting for payment – how do I pay via ‘Scan & Pay’?

  1. Ensure the QR code you have received from your friend is saved to your device’s photo album
  2. Under the QR scanner in ‘Scan & Pay’, tap ‘Import from Library’
  3. Choose the QR code from your friend from your photo library
  4. Check the recipient’s name and proceed with the payment.

What QR codes do the ‘Scan & Pay’ functions work with?

The QR scanning and generating functions of ‘Scan & Pay’ only work with FPS QR codes, ie, QR codes that support the Faster Payment System.

Why does ‘Scan & Pay’ need access to my camera?

Access to your camera is required for QR scanning and the function of importing QR from photo library.

You NEED to allow access when prompted in order to enable the usage of ‘Scan QR’ and ‘Import from Library’ in cases of making payments; otherwise, the QR transaction cannot be proceeded. In cases of requesting for payments, ‘Scan & Pay’ does not need to access your camera.

What’s the daily transfer or payment limit for ‘Scan & Pay’?

Transfers and payments via ‘Scan & Pay’ will be bound by the Small-value Funds Transfer Limit as set by [you], with a maximum daily aggregated transfer limit at HKD 10,000. The limit will be shared with other outward transfers using other transfer methods via SC Pay.

Is there any limit for receiving money via QR code?

No, there is no limit for receiving money via QR code.

How can I verify whether my ‘Scan & Pay’ transaction has been made successfully?

Once you have successfully made a payment via ‘Scan & Pay’, you will receive a customer notification which may take the form of [SMS or Email] depending on your preferred channel. Transaction records can also be viewed in Transfer History on Online Banking or SC Mobile.

If you do not receive the notification message after sending money via ‘Scan & Pay’, please contact our Customer Service Hotline at 2886 8868 for assistance.

What should I do if I didn’t make this transaction?

Please contact our Customer Service Hotline at 2886 8868 immediately.

Can I cancel a payment instruction?

No, you cannot cancel a payment instruction after you have slid to confirm payment as it would be processed immediately.
I’ve imported a QR code from my device’s photo album but it cannot be recognised – what can I do?

This may be due to various reasons:

  1. The QR code image imported is unclear or the image resolution is too low
  2. QR code is too small – try cropping image to show valid QR code only
  3. QR code does not support FPS

Please ensure the QR code is sufficiently clear and large in the image imported, and that it is a valid FPS QR code.

What personal information does my QR code contain? Is it safe to share my QR Code?

It is generally safe to share your QR code – only your default Proxy ID (Mobile number/Email address) and requested currency and amount (if applicable) will be embedded in the QR code generated by you; no other information on your bank account will be embedded.