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Get your latest Credit Report with CreditView free of charge to you

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Get your latest Credit Report with CreditView free of charge to you
Get your latest Credit Report with CreditView free of charge to you

Get your latest Credit Report with CreditView free of charge to you

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    I understand that this service is paid for by Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Limited (the “Bank”).

    I am interested in the personal loan products of the Bank and agree to have TransUnion transferring my personal details (including name, mobile phone number and the first letter of the Hong Kong Identity Card) to the Bank and consent to have the Bank contacting me for the purpose of introducing its Personal Loan product(s) to me.

    I understand that this service is solely provided by TransUnion and by using this service, TransUnion will not share my credit data with the Bank. For the avoidance of doubt, this consent is given once and will not override my existing direct marketing preference with the Bank.

    TransUnion and the Bank are independent of each other with no alliance formed. If, however, I do not wish for TransUnion to transfer my personal details to the Bank, I can choose not to press “Accept & Continue” and I understand that I have the option of accessing my credit data for a fee which will be payable by me. I understand I can visit TransUnion’s website for subscription details.

    I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the Bank’s Privacy Policy.

Get your latest Credit Report with CreditView free of charge to you

Check your Credit Report to manage your debt and credit health through TransUnion.

What is CreditView?
  • CreditView is a service offer# free of charge to you that provides you access to your own credit report through an online portal, anywhere, anytime you want.
  • Your credit report is a record of your individual credit activity and history provided by TransUnion*, which also includes your credit scores and how it compares to other Hong Kong consumers. It is updated monthly.
  • Enjoy Peace of Mind when accessing your credit report:
    • No impact to your credit history through accessing your credit report with CreditView. Access to CreditView is not considered a direct application for a credit card or personal loans in your credit history.
    • Access to your own report by using your individual Login and Password for future access through authentication process provided by TransUnion.

#The service must be accessed through with registration completed.

*TransUnion is the centralised database of consumer’s credit data in Hong Kong who collects your credit information regularly from financial institutions and updates your report monthly.

Benefits of our CreditView Service

CreditView helps you stay on top of your latest financial and credit information and aims at assisting you in maintaining a healthy credit profile and properly plan for your financial success.

  • Track your credit history and trends to stay on top of your credit usage, including how much credit line you have, and how much you have used.
  • Monitor any irregular and fraudulent activity, such as newly opened credit card which you are not aware of.
  • Check activities that might impact your credit score and profile.
  • Where required, take specific actions and upkeep a healthy credit record in order to catch opportunities for better offer in credit products.


To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay!

CreditView service registration and introduction


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