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Prepare for a dream retirement with quality Manulife MPF schemes supported by our MPF Specialists at designated branches

a group of people discussing mpf planning in a meeting area
a group of people discussing mpf planning in a meeting area

Prepare for a dream retirement with quality Manulife MPF schemes supported by our MPF Specialists at designated branches

MPF Services

Standard Chartered Wealth Management provides you with quality MPF products and services powered by our strong partnership with Manulife, the No. 1 MPF Scheme Sponsor*.



a standard chartered relationship manager is discussing with client regarding retirement products

Provided by Standard Chartered

Professional MPF Specialists at designated branches

Supported by an experienced team of experts from Manulife, our MPF Specialists at designated branches are dedicated to serving your needs on MPF.

Provided by Standard Chartered

Enjoy more prestige services by including MPF contributions in your Relationship Balance at the Bank

MPF account balance under Manulife MPF Scheme^ can be included in the Relationship Balance of your personal banking account under your sole name, enabling you to check your deposit, investment and MPF balance in a consolidated statement, online banking and SC Mobile app.

Apply via SC Mobile app, online banking or download request form here to provide consent to the Bank to receive your MPF account information.

a group of people raising their hands with a thumb

Powered by Manulife

Award-winning MPF schemes

Manulife, being the No.1 MPF scheme sponsor*, has garnered a number of accolades in terms of its ranking and performance of MPF scheme, product innovation, and service excellence.

Hk pii feature

Powered by Manulife

Comprehensive and diversified fund choices platform

Powered by our strong partnership with Manulife, Standard Chartered offers you Manulife’s MPF scheme with the most extensive fund choices in Hong Kong**. It provides constituent funds ranging from equity funds (international, regional, single-market and sector), bond funds (international, regional and single-market), mixed assets funds (lifestyle and target date), guaranteed funds to money market funds to suit your personal retirement goals.

Hk mpf privileged rate offer

Powered by Manulife

Special fee privileges for loyal customers

Members may be entitled to join the customer programme of Manulife based on years of MPF relationship and size of MPF assets, subject to the terms and conditions of the programme.

hand holding a crystal ball towards the harbour in daylight, with reflection of the landscape in it

Powered by Manulife

Market outlook

Stay connected with the market development for better portfolio management with market updates from Manulife.

Tax deductible voluntary contributions (‘TVC’) account



    Making your own choices on the amount and frequency of contributions#.


    Contributions are eligible for tax-deductible limit of up to HKD60,000V per year.


    Withdrawal upon retirement at age of 65 or on other statutory grounds under the MPF legislation.


    All balances in your TVC accounts from other MPF schemes can be transferred to your current TVC account under any preferred MPF scheme any time+.

  • Watch video to learn more about TVC

Smart Tips


    Take your goals, MPF contributions, regular savings and investment needs into consideration to work out how much money you may need with the retirement calculator.


    TVC account balance under Manulife MPF Scheme^ can be included in the Relationship Balance of your personal banking account under your sole name, enabling you to check your deposit, investment and MPF balance in a consolidated statement, online banking and SC Mobile app.


    You should review your MPF portfolio regularly, in terms of asset allocation and funds selection to ensure it is in line with your retirement goals. Map out your retirement strategy now with reference to Manulife’s Retirement Planning Intelligence.

Experience a simple and easy online platform from Manulife, and open your TVC account anytime, anywhere.

Learn more on how to open and manage your own TVC account with Manulife, the No. 1 MPF Scheme Sponsor*, with ease via Online Platform.

Step 1

Click “Learn More” in the banner

Click Learn More
Step 2

Browse TVC information at the co-branded website of Manulife and Standard Chartered

Browse TVC information
Step 3

For online application, click “Apply now” under Online Application Platform

Click Apply now
Step 4

Begin the application under Online Application Platform

Register with ATM card, enter ATM Card Number, Card Expiry Date and PIN.
register with credit card, enter Credit Card Number, Card Expiry Date, Date of Birth and HKID Number

MPF and Bank Account Assets at a Glance

If you already have an MPF or TVC account with Manulife, you can apply via SC Mobile to include your MPF and TVC account balance into the calculation of the total relationship balance^ with us, so that your MPF account details and balance will be displayed on your Consolidated Statement, SC Mobile and Online Banking while enjoying more prestige banking services.

Step 1

Click “MPF” in the menu button

Click MPF in the menu button
Step 2

Click “View My MPF Account”

Click View My MPF Account
Step 3

Start application

Start application
Step 4

Display confirmation page after application submission

Display confirmation page after application submission

Find our MPF specialists at designated branches

MPF Tax Deductible Voluntary Contributions
MPF Tax Deductible Voluntary Contributions
Person, Human, Doctor
Person, Human, Doctor


* Source: “Mercer MPF Market Shares Report” as at 31 March 2021 by Mercer (Hong Kong) Limited, in terms of market share of total MPF assets by scheme sponsor.

^Please refer to the Opt-in/Opt-out Request Form and the definition of Relationship Balance in the booklet of “Service Charges – An easy guide to banking fees”.

**Source: Calculated based on MPF Fund Platform from MPFA website as of 31 August 2020, in terms of the number of constituent funds of each MPF scheme.

VThe maximum tax-deductible amount is HKD60,000 per assessment year under salaries tax and personal assessment. This is an aggregate limit for both TVC and other qualifying deferred annuity premiums in aggregate. The illustration of tax savings of HKD10,200 is calculated by multiplying HKD60,000 by 17% where HKD60,000 and 17% represent the maximum tax-deductible amount and the current highest progressive tax rate respectively. However, please note that this is for illustration only; in particular, not every taxpayer who uses up the maximum tax-deductible amount of HKD60,000 will enjoy HKD10,200 in tax savings as the actual amount of tax savings vary, depending on, for example, the taxpayer’s net taxable income, applicable tax rate, tax allowances and deductions entitled as well as the amount of TVC and other qualifying deferred annuity premiums, etc.

#Subject to the rules of the MPF scheme.

+Tax Deductible Voluntary Contribution (TVC) can only be paid or transferred into a TVC account, which is separate from a contribution account or a personal account. Transfer of TVC must be in a lump sum (full account balance), transfer in part will not be accepted.  Meanwhile, transfer of accrued benefits from a TVC account to another TVC account cannot be claimed as deductions for taxation purpose.

Important Notes

Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Limited is a distributor of the MPF scheme, a product of Manulife (International) Limited (Incorporated in Bermuda with limited liability). In respect of an eligible dispute arising between the Bank and the customer out of the selling process or processing of the related transaction, the Bank is required to enter into a Financial Dispute Resolution Scheme process with the customer; however any dispute over the governing rules of Manulife’s MPF scheme should be resolved directly between Manulife and the customer.

Investment involves risk. Price of units of any constituent funds and the income from them may go down as well as up. Past performance is not an indicative of future performance. Before making any investment decision to invest in a scheme, members should read the MPF Scheme Brochure for more detailed information (including risk factors, fees and charges) on the scheme and its constituent funds. Investors should ensure they fully understand the risks associated with the scheme, and should also consider their own investment objective and risk tolerance level. If in doubt, please seek independent financial and professional advice.

This webpage does not constitute any offer, invitations or recommendation to any person to enter into any scheme or any transaction described therein or any similar transaction. This webpage has not been reviewed by the Securities and Futures Commission or any regulatory authority in Hong Kong.