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  • Make good use of Personal loans, to achieve your goals and build a foundation for your future
Make good use of Personal loans, to achieve your goals for your future.

Make good use of Personal loans, to achieve your goals for your future.

Many people may have a negative feeling about loans or feel that it is better not to be indebted.

But there are many important stages in your life that you may have money difficulties, eg. Study abroad, marriage, give birth, etc. Personal loans may allow you to break through the barriers and move towards a successful life!

Progression or Study Abroad

The competition in Hong Kong started since kindergarten or primary school! You have to deploy before you are allocated to a school. After passing through the hurdles in primary school, secondary school and DSE, the most important step is to choose a university. Many of us have a misconception about going to the university, “If you have enough money, you should study abroad, if you don’t, you should study in Hong Kong”. Some people may have missed the good opportunity to study abroad when they are young, they will have to work and save money to make their dreams come true.

Studying abroad has many advantages; it will benefit your future especially in your career. However, the cost is also a major drawback. The cost of tuition and living expenses can be over a million dollars, which is not easily affordable. In fact, you can consider getting a personal loan to fund your study abroad and help you accomplish your dream easily!

For more information about studying abroad, please refer to: Personal loan helps to solve the funding problem for overseas studying

Start Your Own Business in Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s low tax rate and good economic environment make it a perfect place to start your own business. With Slash culture has been popular recently, many people have started their own business to increase their income.

However, it is very difficult to take the first step, not only because of the unique working culture in Hong Kong, but also of the high initial start-up costs (especially for certain businesses that require renting premises).

In fact, you can start your business sooner with a low-interest personal loan and repay it according to the desired repayment period (for example, the Standard Chartered “installment loan” has a repayment period of up to 60 months). You can become your own boss in a snap!

Next Life stage, getting married and forming a family

Life is not only about career, you may want to have an accompany for the rest of your life. If you meet the right person, at the right time, it is very natural to form a family.

Wedding ceremony can be simple or luxurious depending on your wish; for a simple wedding, you can just register your marriage in the court. For a luxurious wedding ceremony, you can hold a wedding banquet in a hotel and celebrate afterwards with a honeymoon. It is a once-in-a-lifetime event, Money should not be an issue to stop you.

In fact, many Hong Kong people choose to take the advantage of personal loans to help them get married, they can easily repay the loan in two or three years, while leaving a good memory for life.

Welcome New Life to the World

Many years ago, we often heard that “it costs 4 million dollars to raise a child”. If we add up the inflation, it should be more than 4 million now. From the beginning of the pregnancy, the expecting parents start to feel this 4-million-dollar stress; from pre-natal checkups, buying supplements, making appointments with private hospitals for surgery, and even moving to a bigger house and buying baby supplies… The first challenge of having a baby is money.

If you ask parents all over the world, they will probably tell you that money is only a small issue. The truth is that money is only a temporary problem. Personal loan can help you get through such difficulties. Thus, expecting parents should not worry about such small problems, just be relaxed to welcome the new baby!

Renovate a better growing environment for your kid

Many Hong Kong families bought their house before their children are born. As the children grow up from the infant stage, toddler and to children stage, they need more space to grow. In addition, the house has been purchased for quite a while will need maintenance, many people will choose to renovate their homes during this stage.

The cost for renovation in Hong Kong is very high. You can use a personal loan to pay for the renovation and enjoy it early and repay it easily according to the repayment terms. If you want to learn more about renovation tips, please refer to the following page:

[Home Decoration] Low-interest loan with installment payments for a cozy and comfy home

Conclusion : Personal Loans help you to achieve your dreams

What amazing about the life cycle is that you or your children will have your own way to go. Perhaps not everyone will follow the same route to study abroad, start a business, get married or have children; life may be partially the same or completely different. Whenever you have money problems in your life, you can use a personal loan to turn your life around!

Above data for reference only.

This data is not advice for borrowing and does not constitute offers, solicitations or recommendations for any loan products.

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