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Quick Response (QR) Code Payment – Terms and Conditions

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*Remark: If you want to keep a copy of the document, please save the file after reading.

These Terms form a binding agreement between you and us and govern your access to and use of the Quick Response (QR) Service.

With the QR Service, you can send payments from your eligible Source Account to a QR Payee by simply scanning the QR Payee’s QR Code and receive payments via the QR Service by generating a QR Code using the SC mobile application installed on your electronic equipment, such as mobile device, as specified by us from time to time. By making a QR Transaction, you agree to be bound by these Terms, as supplemented by and read together with the prevailing terms applicable to your source account with us, including the:

  • a) Client Terms and General Account Terms, as applicable;
  • b) Current/Cheque/Savings Account and Time Deposit Terms;
  • c) Notice to Customers and Other Individuals relating to the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (“Ordinance”) and Code of Practice on Consumer Credit Data (“Notice”); and
  • d) Any other Terms applicable to your Banking relationship with us (collectively, the Relevant Terms).

In the event of any inconsistency, these Terms shall prevail over the Relevant Terms.

By agreeing, accessing or utilising the QR Service or part thereof, you agree to be bound by these Terms and that you would comply with all applicable laws and regulations that govern your access or use of the QR Service.

If you choose NOT to accept these Terms or any of its amendments, please do not proceed and immediately discontinue your access and/or use of the QR Service.

The meaning of key words printed in italicised fonts like this is explained in the Relevant Terms.  Some additional key words that apply to the QR Service are printed in bold font like this and are defined below.

  1. Definitions:
    1. QR Code” means the unique two-dimensional barcode generated by us or by third party for the purpose of identifying a QR Payee.
    2. QR Transaction” means a fund transfer utilising this QR Service and includes:
      1. payments for goods, services and/or bills to a billing organisation or merchant (“Merchant QR Transaction”); and
      2. personal payments between individuals.
    3. “QR Payee” means the billing organisation or merchant (whether physical or online) that accepts payment for goods, services and/or bills via the QR Service or individuals accepting transfers via the QR Service, as the case may be;
    4. Terms” refer to these terms and conditions for the use of the QR Service.
    5. QR Service” refers to the QR code service described in the preamble above.
    6. QR PIN” means, for the purpose of accessing the QR Service, your login password, fingerprint(s) and/or biometric information, as applicable, registered on your registered mobile phone.
    7. Source Account” means the account designated by you pursuant to clause 3 below, from which funds are to be used for a funds transfer or receipt under this QR Service.
    8. A reference to:
    9. “we/us/our” means Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Limited and its permitted successors and assigns.
      1. “you/your” means the account holder of a Source Account.
      2. the singular includes the plural and vice versa.
  1. This QR Service shall be a funds transfer service as defined in the Relevant Terms.
  2. You may only execute a QR Transaction from the following Source Accounts and in the currency of that Source Accounts:
    1. Eligible Current and Savings accounts of Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Limited and in currencies as we may determine from time to time.

Depending on the type of QR Code and/or QR Payee, the specific Source Account from which you may execute a QR Transaction may be restricted.

  1. To utilise the QR Service, you shall:
    1. Designate your preferred Source Account(s) for QR Transactions (if applicable);
    2. Generate a QR Code or scan the QR Payee’s QR Code, as the case may be, using the SC mobile application;
    3. Enter the QR Transaction amount, where applicable; and
    4. Authorise the QR Transaction.

For more information on the steps on receiving and transferring funds using the QR Service, please refer to

  1. By making a QR Transaction in the manner stipulated in clause 4 above, you are authorising payment to the QR Payee or receipt of payment using the QR Service, as the case may be. You acknowledge that the QR Transaction will be processed and that your Source Account will be debited/credited with the QR Transaction amount, and in the case of funds transfer without requiring: (a) where the Source Account is a debit card, the debit card to be swiped at a magnetic strip reader of the debit card’s chip to be read by a chip terminal; or (b) in all cases, your signature or other PIN/password (other than the QR PIN) to authorise the QR Transaction.
  2. You will not use the QR Service for funds transfer unless there are available sufficient funds in the Source Account. The available account balance in the Source Account shall exclude pre-authorized credit transactions, un-cleared cheques or remittances not received.
  3. You are responsible for preventing fraudulent or unauthorised usage of your Source Account through the QR Service. You are also responsible for ensuring that the details of each QR Transaction made using the QR Service and authorised by your entry of the QR PIN are accurate and acceptable. You undertake to be liable for all QR Transactions that are debited from / posted to your Source Account via the QR Service, even if not authorised by you or if authorised by you in error.  We are not responsible for any error contained in such QR Transactions, including any debiting or posting from or to your Source Account, as the case may be, via the QR Service.
  4. You are prohibited from using the QR Service on any electronic equipment that you know or have reason to believe has had its security or integrity compromised (for example, where the device has been “jail broken” or “rooted”). A jail broken or rooted device means one that has been freed from the limitations imposed on it by your service provider and manufacturer of your electronic equipment without their approval.  You will be solely liable for any losses, damages and expenses incurred as a result of your use of the QR Service on a compromised electronic equipment.  You use compromised electronic equipment at your own risk and we will not be liable for any losses or any other consequences suffered or incurred by you as a result.
  5. At any time, we reserve the right to:
    1. impose or amend any maximum or minimum QR Transaction limits in connection with your use of the QR Service;
    2. refuse to allow your Source Account to be debited or credited for the QR Transaction amount if we reasonably consider such refusal to be in your best interest or otherwise in accordance with our policies and procedures;
    3. determine which Source Account will be eligible for use with the QR Service; or
    4. modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, the QR Service,

You agree that we will not be liable to you or any third party for any block, restriction, suspension, disqualification or termination of your use of the Source Account or the QR Service.

  1. The QR Services are provided on an “as is” basis and to the fullest extent permitted by law, we do not represent or warrant that the QR Service will be functional, operable or available at all times (due to regular maintenance, servicing or any other reasons controllable by us or not), or that any particular merchant or individual will accept payments utilising the QR Service. We also cannot guarantee or warrant that no viruses or other contaminating or destructive properties will be transmitted or that no damage will occur to your electronic equipment in the use of the QR Services. We shall not be liable for any liability, loss, damage, cost and/or expenses whatsoever due to the functionality or non-functionality, operability or non-operability or availability or non-availability of the QR Service, any delay or failure in the making of a QR Transaction, or any loss, injury or inconvenience which you may suffer as a result of using the QR Service.
  2. It is your responsibility to ensure the information shown or stored on your electronic equipment secure and report to us immediately when you suspect or come to realise that:
    1. Your electronic equipment with which you use to access the QR Service has been lost, stolen or tampered with;
    2. Someone else knows your security codes including the QR PIN;
    3. There has been unauthorised access to your Source Account, security codes, mobile app or electronic equipment with which you use to access the QR Service.

You may do so by calling our 24 hours Customer Service Hotline at (852) 2886 8888 or by notifying us in writing.

  1. We are not liable for:
    1. The refusal by any QR Payee to accept a QR Transaction; and
    2. Any defect or deficiency in the goods or services supplied to you by a QR Payee, through your use of the QR Service.

You acknowledge that our ability to assist you with resolving any complaint or dispute that you may have with any QR Payee is limited and dependent on different factors including but not limited to the nature of the dispute or complaint and the payment network on which the QR Transaction was made.  Accordingly, where we are unable to help, you agree to resolve any complaint or dispute against any QR Payee directly. For more information on the QR Service and the different payment methods for effecting a QR Transaction, please refer to

  1. We may amend these terms at any time by posting the updated Terms on our website, or by notifying you through any other means as we may determine. By continuing to use the Service after our posting and/or notifying you of the updated Terms, you shall be deemed to have accepted the updated Terms. Updates to the QR Services may be issued periodically through app updates. For some electronic equipment, updates will be downloaded automatically. For other electronic equipment, you may not be able to use the QR Services until the latest version of the app has been downloaded.  You are fully responsible for ensuring the latest version of the app has been downloaded to your electronic equipment for the purpose of using the QR Services.
  2. The QR Services are intended for use by our clients only. We have the right to cancel or block your use of the QR Services if we discover that you are not eligible to use the QR Services.
  3. The QR Services are not intended for use in any jurisdiction where their use would be contrary to any law or regulation of that jurisdiction or where we are not licensed or authorised to provide the QR Services. You must comply with all applicable laws and regulations that govern your access or use of the QR Services, including the download of the relevant app.
  4. You understand and agree that:
    1. You use the QR Services at your own risk. To the maximum extent permitted by law, we expressly disclaim all warranties and conditions of any kind, whether express or implied.
    2. You download or obtain any material or information through the use of the QR Services at your sole risk and discretion. You are solely responsible for any damage to your electronic equipment or loss of data resulting from downloading, obtaining or using such material or information.
  1. For the avoidance of doubt, nothing above is intended to exclude or restrict any condition, warranty, right or liability which may not be lawfully excluded or restricted.
  2. These Terms are governed by the laws of The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (“Hong Kong”) and parties submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Hong Kong.
  3. If there is any inconsistency or conflict between the English and Chinese versions of these Terms and Conditions, the English version shall prevail.