Exporters can instruct their Bank (called the “Remitting Bank”) to send commercial documents (such as invoices, Bills of lading or Airway Bills) or financial documents (such as Bills of Exchange) on a collection basis to the “Presenting Bank”, normally located in the Importers’ country. Upon receipt of such documents, Standard Chartered Bank will acknowledge receipt and release documents strictly in accordance with instructions received from the Remitting Bank either against payment (if the collection instruction calls for documents against payment or D/P) or acceptance (if the collection instructions call for documents against acceptance or D/A).

Collections can be further defined into two categories, Documentary and Clean Collections. Documentary Collections are the most common form of collections, and usually comprise of both financial and commercial documents which would required in order to obtain delivery of goods. On the other hand, clean collections comprise financial documents only, which typically represent an outstanding debt or acknowledgement of payment to be made at a later date.


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  • Documentary collections are a more secure method of payment than advance payment as they can provide comfort to an importer that goods have been shipped and, if an independent inspection certificate is presented comply with the order specifications
  • As an importer, the customer may be able to negotiate for better credit terms (such as making payment 30 days later) rather than paying the exporter at sight because the documents are handled by banks.
  • As the importer the customer does not have to make payment until the goods have been shipped and can negotiate better credit terms with customer‟s supplier because documents will be handled through the banking system Bank Requirements
  • Standard Chartered Bank will only handle documents under collection that are subject to Uniform Rules for Collection, 1995 Revision, ICC Publication No 522 and presented through a Remitting Bank
Import Bills for Collection Import Bills for Collection


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