Loan on Card

Enjoy no-frills, easy loan facility just using your Standard Chartered Credit Card with ‘Loan on Card’.

Personal Banking

Digital & Non Digital platforms:


3 Months 5.75% 6.00%
6 Months 8.75% 9.00%
9 Months 12.75% 13.25%
12 Months 13.75% 14.25%
15 Months 17.50% 18.00%
20 Months 19.50% 20.00%
24 Months 24.50% 25.00%

Priority clients

Digital & Non Digital platforms:

3 Months 5.00% 5.25%
6 Months 8.25% 8.50%
9 Months 12.25% 12.50%
12 Months 13.25% 13.50%
15 Months 17.25% 17.50%
20 Months 19.00% 19.25%
24 Months 24.00% 24.75%
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  • Cash emergencies are never pre-planned.
  • No matter how prosperous you may be, there may be times when cash in kind is never around.
  • That’s why with Standard Chartered ‘Loan on Card’ we offer you an easy loan facility to get the cash you need in quick time and with no documentation.
  • You also have the benefit of settling the loan in easy instalments at preferential rates.
  • Simply call the Bank and state your requirement.
  • Your request will be processed in two working days.
  • Click here for more details.
money loan service
  • Minimum loan amount: Rs. 50,000
  • Maximum loan amount: up to 70% of the available balance on your Credit Card
  • Loan repayment: Refer to illustration below for a Rs. 50,000 loan,Pre approved loan
  • No paper work
  • Easy instalment billing
  • Lower interest rates
  • Quick fund transfer to your bank account
  • Fixed equal monthly instalments
  • Below Tenures and “upfront fee rates” are available for Personal & Priority Clients Digital and Non Digital platforms
added value high interest rates
people call assistance
  • Please call 0112480777 or speak to your relationship manager for updated Loan on Card Processing fee rates and Tenures.
  • You may also request for a Loan on Card by making a request on SC Mobile Banking Application.
  • 360° Rewards Points/Miles will not be awarded for this facility.
  • General Retail credit card Terms & Conditions apply.
Loan On Card Lowest Loan on Card Rates for You.


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