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Enjoy exclusive offers on lodging, golf, transportation and airport services worldwide.

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360 rewards

Collect points and convert them into great holidays, shopping and dining experiences.

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Purchase your return air tickets using your standard chartered credit card and be entitled to a complementary travel insurance cover.

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Easy loan facility to get the cash you need in quick time and with no documentation. Repay in installments.

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Transfer your other bank credit cards balances to your standard chartered card at special rates and repay in monthly installments.

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Access your statements at your convenience while contributing to help save the trees.

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A secure and convenient way to access your account information instantly at any time anywhere.

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Pay a nominal monthly premium and cover your credit card outstanding balance up to LKR 2 million.

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Safeguards yourself against fraudulent usage of your credit card in case of loss of your wallet.

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secure card safe guarantee

Enhanced security on Debit and Credit Card Transactions


  • Income
    • Applicant should have a permanent job that pays a minimum net income of LKR300,000
  • Age
    • Minimum 18 years old


  • You will need
    • Copy of Identification (NIC / Passport / DL)
  • For Salaried
    • Certified latest salary slip or letter from employer confirming salary
    • Proof of variable income for the last 3 months
    • Proof of any other fixed allowance
    • Billing proof
  • For Self-employed
    • Letter from auditor confirming annual Income for the last 2 years
    • Business Registration Certificate
    • Bank statements of the previous 6 months (Company & Personal)
  • In the event more information is required the Bank will contact you

Annual Fee – Primary Card
Rs. 7,000
Annual Fee – Supplementary Card
Rs. 3,500
Joining Fee – Primary Card
Rs. 1,500
Joining Fee – Supplementary Card
Rs. 500
Cash Advance Fee
Rs. 990
Late Payment Fee
Over Limit Fee
Interest rate (Retail and Cash Advances)
28% per annum

Up to 48 days free of interest, provided the previous months total outstanding is paid by the due date in ful

Interest Free Period
18 days from Statement Date
Minimum Amount Due Payment Due
100% fees/charges/interest, 50% of the fixed monthly instalments and 1% of the balance transfers/cash advances/retail transactions or Rs.500/=, whichever is higher.
Cash Advance % on Credit Limit (Maximum)


How do I apply for credit cards?

Click on “Apply Now

How do I check the progress of my credit card status?

It would take 4 – 6 working days for processing. You may call our Client Care hotline on 0112480480 or your Relationship Manager to check the status.

How do I know if my application has been approved or not?

You will receive an SMS notification on the credit card dispatch details if the credit card is approved. You will receive an SMS notification if the credit card is declined.

Do I receive a PIN?

You will not receive a PIN. You can create your own PIN at your convenience using Online Banking or the Mobile Banking option.

How do I activate the credit card?

You can activate the credit card at your convenience using Online Banking or the Mobile Banking option. Alternately, you may call our Client Care hotline on 0112480480 to activate.

What should I do if I have lost my credit card?

Immediately notify the Bank by calling our Client Care hotline on 0112480480 or access Online Banking or Mobile Banking to have the card blocked.

Can I use my credit card for ATM cash withdrawals?

Yes, you may use the card at any LankaPay or Visa enabled ATM to withdraw cash up to 50% of the credit limit based on the availability. This service is subject to charges.

What is the due date for payments?

Your statement will specify the Payment Due Date by when at least the Minimum Amount Due mentioned on the statement must be paid.

The due date is generally set at 18 days from the statement date.

What is the Interest Free Period?

Interest free period may differ for each transaction based on the date of transaction posting. However, you are entitled to a minimum of 18 days of Interest free period. This could range for a maximum of 48 days.

If you pay the total due amount as per the statement, by the due date, you will not be charged with any interest charges.

How is interest calculated on credit cards?

No Interest charges apply (excluding cash advances) if the total due amount as per the statement is paid on or before the payment due date. If only a part payment is made by the due date or no payment is made, or payment is made, but after the due date, interest charges will apply on the Bank’s current interest rate on the daily balance for the previous statement and the new purchases until the entire balance is fully settled.

Please click here to view an illustration of the interest calculation.

How does Interest apply on cash advances?

Cash advance is subject to a cash advance fee and Interest charges will be applicable on the cash advances from the date of transaction until the repayment in full.

How do I close my credit card?

Please hand over a written request to the closest Branch after settling the total due amount on the credit card.

How do I make a complaint to the bank?

We will address your complaints within a time period of less than 5 days from the date which the complaint was made to the Bank. If you do not get a satisfactory response to the complaint and if you wish to pursue other avenues for redress, you may approach The Financial Ombudsman, Sri Lanka on Tel: +94(11)2595 624/5

What are the methods available to make payments to my credit card?

You may pay your credit card using any of the following methods.

  • Standing Instruction
    If you are a SC account holder, you may setup a standing order to debit your account for payment of your credit card. You can choose to settle the Minimum Amount Due or the full amount (100%) of the current balance to be debited on the due date.
  • Mobile Banking/ iBanking
    You may pay your SC credit card using SC Mobile Banking/ iBanking. Use ‘Pay SC Credit card’ option and select your SC account to deduct from.
  • Fund Transfers from other banks
    You may pay your SC credit card using Fund Transfer/ Credit card payment method of any local bank digital platform.
  • Cheque payments
    Cheque must be crossed Account payee only, and should include the card number.
    Eg: pay Standard Chartered O/A Card No. 428421 XXXXXX XXXX
  • Cash payments
    Cash payments can be done at any SC branch counter or KIOSK machine
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