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Flex Credit

Loan with no repayment commitment during the tenure

Enjoy 0% interest during the tenure

Enjoy 0% interest during the tenure
  • No repayment commitment during the tenure period. Simply enjoy a payment holiday during the tenure period in which you enjoy the loan at 0% p.a. interest.

Processing fee starting from 6.25%

Processing fee starting from 6.25%
3 Months 6.25%
6 Months 8.25%
9 Months 12.00%

How it works

How it works

No documents required. Easy application process via Client care hotline – 0112480480
Illustration of Flex Credit loan for LKR 50,000

Tenure Processing fee rate Processing fee amount LKR Interest rate Monthly instalment Pay at your convenience
3 months 3.75% 1,875 0% 50,000
6 months 5.5% 2,750 0% 50,000
9 months 8% 4,000 0% 50,000


What is Flex Credit?

Flex Credit is a credit facility offered by SC which utilises your available credit limit on the credit card. It allows you to access short term cash requirements at attractive rates and with flexible repayment options.

What are the tenures available for Flex Credit?

You may take loan for the tenures 3 months, 6 months and 9 months

What are the charges available?

There is an up front processing fee applicable. 0% Interest rate applies for the loan amount during the tenure. Post the tenure period, the general credit card interest rate shall apply.

I am taking Flex Credit to pay another bank credit card, what are my savings?

Consolidating your debts is good way to manage your finances.If you decide to take a loan of LKR 100,000 for 6 months, you will only incur LKR 5,500 as processing fee. At current market interest rate of 18% p.a., you would be paying the other bank LKR 9,000 approximately.

How can I request for Flex Credit?

Simply call us on 0112480480. There is no document requirement.

What is the minimum monthly repayment for Flex Credit?

Only 1% of the loan amount is added to the minimum amount payable on your credit card.

How does the loan balance appear on my statement?

Loan balance is already added to your credit card current balance.

What happens if I pay only the minimum due amount on my statement during the Flex Credit tenure period?

During this tenure, you will not be charged interest for the outstanding loan amount. If you have any other card outstanding, interest will charge for that amount.

How can I avoid being charged any interest at all during the Flex Credit tenure period?

If you want to avoid paying interest, ensure to pay at least the the minimum amount due on your credit card statement if your card current outstanding only consists of Flex Credit.
If you have any other balances, ensure to pay such total other balance in addition to the minimum amount due, to avoid being charged the interest.

What if I pay more than the minimum amount due in the statement, and more than the other transactions and charges on the statement?

Any excess payment will set-off against the loan outstanding for Flex Credit. The loan amount due at the end of the tenure period will be reduced.

What happens after the tenure period?

The unpaid loan amounts become due at the end of the tenure. 1% of that outstanding will continue to get added on your card statement’s minimum amount due.
The unpaid balance is subject to the prevailing interest rate for credit cards.


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