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Why delay precious moments & indulgences when a perfect enabler is right there on your Standard Chartered credit card? With “Shop Now – Pay Later”, you can make your dreams come true without having to wait. Buy it, own it, gift it, whatever it is that matters to you, and split your payments into 3, 6- or 12-month periods. Why wait? Go ahead and buy the new iPhone or upgrade your home with a new TV or furniture.

“Shop Now – Pay Later” is a concept of short-term financing which allows customers to make a purchase and pay it back in future. It is known by many terms such as Instalment plans, Easy settlement plans, and Buy Now Pay Later. You can select a tenure to re-pay, during which you are not charged interest. However, there may be an upfront fee charged.

‘Shop Now – Pay Later’ lets you manage your financials well. It helps you to pre-plan your big purchases and split them to instalments, making the purchases much more affordable.

We now have a special offer for new customers waiting to obtain an SC credit card. With ‘Shop Now – Pay Later’, you can now apply for an SC Platinum credit card online, as a ‘free card’ with a waiver on the Joining fee and first year annual fee. Further, any three transactions performed on your new SC credit card within the first 3 months of obtaining the card can be converted to a 0% instalment plan for a 12month tenure at NO extra cost (with no interest or upfront fee).

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