Universiti Putra Malaysia emerges champion in
ICT Competition
Standard Chartered awards over RM30,000 to winners PUTRAJAYA, 1 October 2013 – Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia (Standard Chartered) recently announced the winners of its Standard Chartered ICT Competition 2013. The awards were presented by Deputy Minister of Science, Technology & Innovation Datuk Dr. Abu Bakar Mohammad Diah here.

Dato' Arif Siddiqui, Chief Information Officer (CIO), Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia and Group CIO, Islamic Banking said: "We are amazed with the quality of ideas submitted. The winners demonstrated clarity of innovation, originality, feasibility and sustainability. For the bank, we realise that this competition signifies our quest to boost creativity and innovation and to further increase the knowledge of ICT amongst university students and also our employees."

Datuk Dr. Abu Bakar Mohammad Diah in his speech said: "The competition will present an unprecedented opportunity for our university students to appreciate the role of technology and innovation in our daily lives. It is my fervent hope that all the activities planned in this competition will significantly boost our university student's creativity in bringing innovative ideas to the competition which in turn will contribute towards the inventory of innovations and knowledge created in the country."

Team 4GM from Universiti Putra Malaysia emerged champion taking home RM15,000 cash with its technology-based solution that helps tackle recycling issues called Trashpoint.

Meanwhile, team Green Warriors from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia trailing at second place with its Million of Trees System that produces paperless receipts and queue tickets and won the team RM10,000 cash.

Third place went to Taylor's University Lakeside Campus. Team Drone Swarm bagged RM5,000 cash with its mobile radio survey app targeting the telecommunication companies.

Standard Chartered launched the second edition of the competition in January this year as part of its continuing commitment to promote the development of the domestic ICT sector. At the close of the competition in March, the bank received nearly 300 submissions from innovators nationwide.

The competition gave participants the opportunity and platform to showcase their creativity and turn their ideas into innovation. It further reinforced their mindset on industry relevant solutions and improved their knowledge in ICT which is in-line with the Government's aspirations of a knowledge-based and innovation-led economy.

It was open to all public and private university students age 18 years and above and all Standard Chartered employees. To qualify for the competition, participants must join as a team of at least 2 members to a maximum of 5 members, and one member needs to be a Malaysian citizen.

List of winners:
University Students Category
  • Champion: Universiti Putra Malaysia
    • 4GM - Cheong Hoon Jun, Sham Wai Rock, Tan Yeong Zhuang & Ching Kin Keong
      • One man's trash is another man's treasure. TrashPoint is an invention to solve the recycling issues in Malaysia. It is a solution integrated with mobile technology targeting collectors, enterprises, manufacturers and public users. These entities will be working together under one solution to create a new world for recycling - locate the collection point, query the needs and pin it on the map. TrashPoint works visually with a digital map that is enhanced with geocodes for location, recycling point information, and is linked to business and logistics data. The digital map allows collectors to work interactively by providing core features such as the ability to locate, identify and set up collection points. TrashPoint is also capitalizing on the cloud technology for data synchronization thus providing information on a real time basis.
  • 1st runner up: Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
    • Green Warriors - Teh Kok Long, Lim Thol Yong, Leong Pei Wen
      • Staying true to its name, Green Warriors is fighting to save the environment via its invention, a Million of Trees (MOT) system to produce paperless receipt and queue tickets. Using a transmitter Page 3 of 4 station paired with receiver dongles, the system is created to replace the current receipt printers and queue ticket dispensers. Upon payment, customer's dongle will be scanned by cashier (transmitter) via IrDA. Receipts in a softcopy form will then be retrieved and stored in a micro-SD card in the receiver dongle. Both receiver and transmitter consist of microcontroller which processes data transmission. In addition, it has a seven segment display of four-in-one row, a function that would be used not only to confirm status of the scanned receipt, but also to display the queuing number.
  • 2nd runner up: Taylor's University Lakeside Campus
    • Drone Swarm - Christopher Chew Mun Kit & Mike Ooi Ferng Lin
      • The rapid expansion of cellular networks and urban infrastructures has resulted in cellular dead zones that are occurring at increasing regularity. Telco are constantly looking at improving their wireless coverage to provide better customer experience. Realizing this, Drone Swarm is inventing a mobile application that able to record the signal quality of the cellular network. This application will be designed to record out of interval recording initiated by the user, and be smart enough to suspend operation when the battery is low and only to transfer data back to a pre-assigned database when it's connected to a Wi-Fi network. Essentially, this application could provide Telco with a cost and time effective method of efficiently discovering areas of poor cellular signal quality. Telco can now pinpoint areas that are lacking and send a mobile unit to scout the particular area.


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