By running our operations well, standing by our clients and investing in local communities, we can be a powerful force for good.

  • Sustainability Review

    Our 2013 Sustainability Review

    Sustainability is integrated into how we do business.

  • Sub-Saharan Africa impact report

    Our impact in Africa

    Our presence in Sub-Saharan Africa has added economic and social value to the economy.

  • Girls on our Goal programme

    The Clinton Global Initiative

    We've committed to reaching 500,000 girls through our Goal programme by 2018.

Our approach focuses on getting the basics of banking right making sure that we're financially stable with strong governance, so that we can create value for our shareholders and society in the long run.

Sustainable economic growth

Contributing to sustainable economic growth

By extending access to finance and providing finance responsibly, we're contributing to sustainable economic growth.

How we contribute to economic growth

Being a responsible company

Being a responsible company

Practising strong corporate governance, looking after our people and minimising our environmental impacts are key.

About being a responsible company

Investing in communities

Investing in communities

We work with local communities through our community programmes and staff volunteering, to be a force for good.

How we work with local communities

Performance and policies

Performance and policies

We have a number of key indicators to measure our impact in building a sustainable business and helping communities.

View our policies and progress

Sustainability Review

Read our Sustainability Review

Sustainability guides everything we do, from the services we provide, to the way we run our bank and support communities.

The Goal journey

Download our Goal infographic

See how we're using education to transform the lives of underprivileged girls.


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