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My principal protection wide choice standard chartered structured investment x y

Realise your financial goals with investments that suit you through the Standard Chartered Structured Investment

An investment that’s adapted to changes

Protect your capital with our Structured Investment – a wide range of tenure options designed to adapt to the changes in the market environment.





With a variety of tenures and underlying references to choose from, Structured Investments are conditioned to different market environments so you can take advantage of market opportunities, while protecting your principal1 at the same time.

Note: 1100% principal protection is applicable only if investment is held till maturity, and may vary according to each structure. Please check with our staff for principal protection of each specific structure.




Eligibility Criteria


  • Minimum Investment Amount

    RM50,000 or its Equivalent in Foreign Currencies


  • Net Personal Assets

    Exceeding RM3million or its equivalent in Foreign Currencies

  • Gross Annual Income

    Exceeding RM300,000 p.a. or its Equivalent in Foreign Currencies


  • Total Net Joint Assets with Spouse

    Exceeding RM3million or its Equivalent in Foreign Currency excluding the value of their Primary Residence

  • Total Joint Gross Annual Income with Spouse

    Exceeding RM400,000 p.a. or its Equivalent in Foreign Currencies

  • Corporate/Partnership that has Total Net Assets exceeding RM10million or its Equivalent in Foreign Currency as at the Last day of that Financial Year.


  • A Structured Investment is an investment product that obtains its value by reference to the price or value of an underlying reference. Examples of underlying references include market indices, equities, interest rates, commodities, foreign exchange or a combination of the above

  • Structured Investment are suitable for investors who:

    • Want principal protection
    • Have a medium – long-term investment horizon
    • Have a view on the performance of the underlying reference
    • The investment tenure should suit your time horizon
    • You should understand the underlying mechanics of the investment and compare its current market potential return with a fixed deposit of the same tenures
    • Be aware of your cash needs and any penalties you may incur for early redemption or termination

Terms and conditions


The returns on your Structured Product Investment will be affected by the performance of the underlying assest /reference , and the recovery of your principal Investment may be jeopardised if you make an early redemption.

This Structured Investment is NOT protected by Perbadanan Insurans Deposit Malaysia.