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With Breeze Trade, you can view major market indices, create a personalised watch list of your favourite stocks, access real–time market news and even scribble your trading ideas down as notes, which can be sent to your friends and family via SMS or email.


View all your individual stock holdings and portfolio value at a glance when you log on to our Breeze Trade app.

invest security services portfolio


invest security services quote

Enjoy free unlimited real–time stock quotes as well as detailed stock information, price charts, related market news and recent transactions* made on the stock with the swipe of finger.

* Recent stock transactions enquiry available after logon to Breeze Trade mobile app.


Buy and Sell Hong Kong stocks with just 3 clicks! We support Enhanced Limit Order/CAS At-Auction Limit Order, Market Order,Morning At-Auction Limit Order and Stop Loss Order. Order status is intuitively shown in Red and Green colours and you can also modify and cancel orders you have placed via the securities hotline and Online Banking.

invest security services trading

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