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standard chartered platinum Visa Card and Mastercard with 360 rewards

Visa payWave / Mastercard contactless

Visa payWave / Mastercard contactless

Cardholders with wave icon, represents the contactless payment method symbol on your card can now enjoy the fast and secure payments with Visa payWave / Mastercard contactless (formerly known as Mastercard PayPass) feature (“Contactless Feature”).

What are the benefits of Contactless Feature?

Where it works

You can use contactless payments across a range of retailers including convenience stores, supermarkets, fast food chains, cinemas and so on. For a list of merchants accepting contactless payments, please visit Visa and Mastercard pages.

How does it work^?

Contactless payment
Step 1:

This symbol is shown at card reader if merchants accept card payment with Contactless Feature.

wave your card on the card reader at close range
Step 2:

To pay, wave your card on the card reader at close range (less than 4cm from where the Contactless logo appears).

 Credit card reader
Step 3:

Your transaction is confirmed by the illumination of the green indicator light.


#The maximum limit on each purchase is at the discretion of individual merchants.
^Once Contactless Feature is being used, it will be governed by the terms and conditions that apply to your transactions made using a credit card. If your card is a Mastercard, please make the first transaction by insert your card in the card terminal to activate the Mastercard contactless feature.


  • You can use Contactless Feature across a range of retailers including convenience stores, supermarkets, fast food chains, cinemas and so on. For the Contactless Feature acceptance merchant list, please visit or

  • This wave icon, represents the contactless payment method symbol on your card indicates your card has Contactless Feature.

  • The Contactless platform is developed based on secure EMV chip technology, which provides both data protection and transaction security via the use of keys and the latest encryption technology. Contactless Feature transactions are processed through the same reliable payment network as EMV chip transactions.

  • You can use Contactless Feature for purchases under HK$1,000# per transaction. There is no need to swipe your card at the magnetic stripe reader, insert it to any chip terminal, nor authorise the transaction with your signature or PIN. You only need to wave your card on the card reader showing this wave icon, represents the contactless payment method symbol to complete the transaction.

  • No, Contactless Feature is designed to ensure that the cardholder is always in control. The retailer must first enter the purchase amount for approval and your card has to be held in a close proximity to the card reader (within 4cm) in order for a transaction to take place. Terminals can only process one payment transaction at a time.

  • Same as other Standard Chartered credit cards without Contactless Feature, you are liable for all transactions made using a credit card and must comply with all security procedures set out in our banking agreement. You must report mistaken or unauthorised transactions as soon as possible. If your credit card is lost or stolen, provided that you have not acted fraudulently or with gross negligence and you have complied with the procedures set out in the Security Procedures section in our Client Terms, then you are liable for the use of the credit card before we receive notification regarding the lost or stolen card but your liability is limited to HK$500.

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