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PRUTerm Piece of Cake Insurance Plan

Get term life cover for as low as HKD11 per day
Your age next birthday needs to be within 19-60 to apply for this plan.
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Sum Assured
HKD 500,000

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Do you smoke?
Smoker defines as someone who has ever used cigarettes or e-cigarettes or nicotine replacement products (including nicotine patches) in the past 12 months
HKD 500,000

I understand and agree that details I provide will be shared with Prudential Hong Kong Limited ("Prudential") for quotation purpose.

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HKD 500,000 to Cover Your Family’s Living Expenses for 14 Months*

*Data based on an average 3-person household, on a monthly HKD 35,000 expenditure. Sourced from the Census and Statistics Department of Hong Kong.

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PRUTerm Piece of Cake Insurance Plan is a term life insurance plan and is not a bank deposit. It is a plan for clients with life protection need. It is underwritten by Prudential Hong Kong Limited (a member of Prudential plc group) (“Prudential”). Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Limited (“Standard Chartered”) is an insurance agent of Prudential.

What PRUTerm Piece of Cake Insurance Plan offers

Life Protection

Your designated beneficiary(ies) will receive a lump sum of HKD 500,000 as death benefit upon the unfortunate passing away of the Life Assured

Guaranteed Renewable

The Plan is guaranteed renewable every year and will protect you until you reach age 802 regardless of any change in your health condition while the premium will be adjusted every year

No Medical Examination

You can simply get a quote and submit the application online. No medical examination is required, and you will only need to answer 3 simple medical questions


Product Documents

Are You Eligible?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1.  Based on the sum assured of HKD500,000 of a non-smoking female who is 20 years old (age next birthday). The figure is calculated based on the age at the next birthday and assumed 365 days per year and is subject to rounding adjustment.
  2. It refers to the age you will be on your next birthday.


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