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Deposit and Transaction Services

RMB Products & Solutions

Deposit Services & Transaction Services

three jars filled with different amount of coins, one with coins only cover bottom of the jar, one with a half of jar, the last one is full of coins
Savings Account
  • Statement and/or passbook account* for your selection.
  • Simple interest1 is credited monthly (for statement savings) or semi-annually (for passbook savings).
  • Deposit and withdrawal of RMB at any of our branches during office hours.
  • 24-hour enquiry on the account balance, interest rate and exchange rate, and fund transfers via Phone Banking Services and Standard Chartered Online Banking2.
  • Minimum account opening balance only RMB1,000.

*Passbook account refers to RMB My Dream Account which is subject to availability.

3 eggs with symbol of Dollar, Turkish Lira, and Euro.
Current Account³
  • Each Hong Kong Identity Card holder is eligible to open one RMB current account only.
  • RMB Cheques can be:
    • Used in Hong Kong for any payments and
    • Used for payments on consumer spending in Guangdong Province subject to the maximum amount of RMB 80,000 per day.
  • 24-hour enquiry on the account balance and fund transfers via Phone Banking and Standard Chartered Online2.
a hand stacking up coins higher from left to right
Time Deposit
  • A range of deposit tenors for your selection.
  • Minimum account opening balance as low as RMB 10,000.
4 coins with symbol of Dollar, Japanese Yen, Indian Rupee, and Chinese Yuen
Exchange Services
  • 2-way currency exchange between RMB and Hong Kong Dollars (HKD) in cash or by fund transfer between accounts* at any of our branches or via Mobile Banking, Phone Banking services and Standard Chartered Online Banking.
stack of credit cards, with a cold color tone
Dual Currency ATM Card
  • Combines RMB and HKD accounts in one card.
  • ATM withdrawal and purchases in Mainland China settled in RMB account, no need to spend extra on RMB foreign exchange; transactions everywhere else settled in HKD account.
  • Widely accepted on UnionPay, Jetco and EPS networks.
Solutions deposit cashiers order
Cashier’s Order
  • An additional instrument place after Dual Currency Card to satisfy your local RMB payment needs.
Solutions deposit remittance service
Remittance Service⁴
Remittance Service enables you to transmit funds to your same name RMB account in Mainland China (subject to the maximum amount of RMB 80,000 per day) or any RMB account in Hong Kong.

Opening Account



RMB products FAQs

  • RMB Passbook Savings Account such as My Dream Account RMB Savings is offered during the promotion period, please stay tuned for our latest promotion.

  • No overdraft facilities are provided for RMB Current Account and no overdraft is allowed for the RMB Current Account.

  • The minimum account opening balance for RMB Current / Savings Account is CNY 1,000 and for Time Deposit Account is CNY 10,000.

  • According to the requirements of People’s Bank of China (PBoC), at present, only 1 RMB Current Account can be opened for each HK ID holder.

  • According to the requirements of the RMB Clearing House in HK, only crossed and order cheques are allowed for RMB Current Accounts.

  • Customer has to maintain a minimum balance of CNY200 in RMB Savings Account to earn interest.

Terms and Conditions

    1. Simple interest is applicable to RMB Savings Account, and it is applicable only to RMB Savings accounts with a balance of RMB200 or above.
    2. Customers can make RMB conversion through their accounts as long as both accounts for relevant credit and debit transactions are maintained at the Bank under the same name.
    3. To open RMB Current Account, the customer must be a Hong Kong Identity Card holder. RMB Current Account is non-interest bearing and is not linked to any credit facilities. All RMB cheques must be crossed and made payable to a named person’s order. RMB cheques can be used in Hong Kong for any payments and Guangdong Province for the payment of consumer spending and are subject to regulatory requirements applicable from time to time. The Bank reserves all rights under the “Current/Cheque/Savings Account and Time Deposit Account Terms” including returning any RMB cheque if the use of which is considered not in compliance with any rules and regulations governing the use of RMB cheques.
    4. For remittance to/from Mainland China by non-Hong Kong Identity Card holder, approval from relevant Mainland authorities may need to be obtained. Possible consequence such as charges that may be incurred in case the outward remittance is rejected by the RMB Clearing Bank in Hong Kong, the Mainland authorities or Mainland banks. RMB Remittance Service to Mainland China is subject to the current daily limit of RMB80,000 per person per day or the daily limit may be subject to change by the Bank from time to time. Please contact our branch staff for the latest information.
    5. For details of RMB service fees, please refer to the Bank’s Service Charges Booklet.
    6. Whether to apply insurance coverage is your own individual decision. For plan policy provision, details and risk disclosure, please refer to relevant plan’s product leaflet/product brochure and specimen policy.
    7. The Bank shall have the right to amend any of these terms and conditions. In the event of any disputes, the Bank shall have the absolute discretion to make the final decision.
    8. These terms and conditions form part of your banking agreement with the Bank.
    9. For details of other Renminbi service applicable, please contact our branch staff or visit our website
    10. If there is any inconsistency or conflict between the English and the Chinese versions of these terms and conditions, the English version shall prevail.