Share the benefits with those you love

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Refer a friend and earn rewards

Share the benefits with those you love

Reward everyone by sharing

  • Refer a friend and earn rewards
  • The more friends you refer, the greater the benefits

Reward everyone by sharing

Sharing good times with friends, whether it’s enjoying a meal together, an afternoon shopping trip or a weekend away, enriches our lives.

Strengthening friendships through shared memories and experiences is important. But have you ever thought about referring your friends to your bank so that both of you can enjoy the same rewards?

Many of us are aware that the greater our relationship with our bank — whether through making purchases with our credit card or using different banking services —the more it will help us earn rewards. But many banks also offer an added bonus if our friends and family sign up to enjoy the same benefits.

Two in five Hong Kongers1 rely on their friends and family for financial advice. So it’s highly likely that your loved ones will trust you to have their best interests at heart.

Word of mouth is the best recommendation for anything. Why not share the joy?

Any client can make a referral and you can refer as many people as you like.

Earn exclusive rewards when you refer your friends and family to sign up for banking plans or credit cards
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