New Investment Technique Gives 76% Chance of Positive Returns Standard Chartered’s Investment Suite Helps Investors Capture Market
Opportunities with High Quality Funds
KUALA LUMPUR, 25 November 2014Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia (Standard Chartered) has launched a new wealth management product called Investment Suite to help investors capture market opportunities regardless of market environment with a hassle-free 12-month unit trust investment plan.

Recognising that fear of volatility prevents many people from investing, Investment Suite utilises the Systematic Investment Technique (SIT), which removes the need to time the market.

The Systematic Investment Technique is designed to minimise the impact of market fluctuation through 12 systematic entries into a fund of choice over a period of 12 calendar months.

Historical backtesting shows that this technique has a 76% chance of positive returns.

Pramod Veturi, Managing Director and Head, Wealth Management, Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia said, "As their wealth grows, the mass affluent demand more financial products and services. Standard Chartered is catering to this segment by providing a holistic, analytic approach to achieve their wealth aspiration."

Standard Chartered»s research shows that the mass affluent in emerging markets are confident about economic growth, highly optimistic about their personal prosperity, and have clear aspirations for spending their newly created wealth.

In Malaysia, the mass affluent is a sizable and growing segment projected to grow by 15% annually between 2014 and 2018, according to a report by MILSTE Group Limited.

Danny Chang, Head of Managed Investments and Products Management, Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia, said, "When it comes to investing, people tend to adopt a herd mentality – buying when everyone else is and when the market is at its highest. The Systematic Investment Technique removes investors’ emotions from decision-making, allowing them to invest with confidence and discipline."

Investment Suite offers a wide range of high quality global and local funds to suit different risk profiles. To help investors lower their break even cost, Standard Chartered will pay a fixed cash reward of up to 4% of the total investment amount.

"Standard Chartered Malaysia is constantly innovating wealth management solutions in order to bring incremental value to our customers," said Veturi. "Backed by 140 years of experience in Malaysia and a global research team from 13 countries, we deliver customised advisory services to help customers achieve their wealth aspirations."

For more information on Standard Chartered Malaysia Bank Berhad and its Systematic Investment Technique, please visit

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