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No cashback cap and no minimum spend. Enjoy 1.5% cashback on all spend.

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Sg unlimited cashback banner new
Sg unlimited cashback banner new

No cashback cap and no minimum spend. Enjoy 1.5% cashback on all spend.

Introducing the card that lets you live a life without limits

Score unlimited cashback on all spend – from beach holidays to buffet feasts, or even your new wardrobe. No cashback cap and no minimum spend. Enjoy 1.5% cashback on all spend.1

Eligibility & Documents


  • Age: 21 to 65 years old
  • Minimum Annual Income
    • Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents: S$30,000
    • Foreigners with Employment Passes: S$60,000
  • Employment Pass Holders
    • Foreigners must be holders of P1, P2 or Q type Singapore Employment Passes
    • Q Pass holders must have minimum one year validity remaining on their passes

Documents Required

  • You will need:
    • Copy of NRIC /Passport/ Employment Pass (front and back)
  • For salaried (any of the following)
    • Latest month computerised payslip
    • Latest 6 months CPF Contribution History Statement
    • Latest Income Tax Notice of Assessment + latest month computerised payslip/6 months CPF contribution

Key Charges

Annual Fee $192.60 including GST (waived for first 2 years)
Effective Interest Rates (EIR) 25.9% per annum (minimum). If payment is not made in full by the due date, finance charges will be calculated on a daily basis at 0.071% from the respective transaction dates for all transactions to the date the payment is received.

Important Notes

1. The Standard Chartered Unlimited Cashback Credit Card (“Card”) gives you 1.5% cashback (“Unlimited Cashback”) when you (including your supplementary cardholder(s) on your Card account) charge Eligible Retail Transactions (refer to transaction exclusions below) to the Card. The following transactions are not Eligible Retail Transactions and will not earn Unlimited Cashback: a) any cash advance; b) any fees and charges (including annual fees, late payment fees, interest charges, and or finance charges) charged to your Card; c) any balance or fund transfer; d) any monthly instalment of an EasyPay transaction; e) any amount charged to your Card (and/or your supplementary credit card) that is subsequently cancelled, voided, refunded or reversed; f) recurring payments or payments made to all billing organisations using Standard Chartered Online Banking; g) AXS or ATM transactions made using the Card; h) amounts which have been rolled over from the preceding months’ statements; i) tax refunds credited into your Card account (and/or your supplementary credit card account); j) any tax payments charged to your Card (and/or your supplementary credit card); k) any insurance premiums charged to your Card (and/or your supplementary credit card); and l) any top-ups or payment of funds to any prepaid cards (with the exception of EZ-Reload charged to your Card) and any prepaid accounts including without limitation to the following accounts or any other accounts as we may specify from time to time: EZ LINK PTE LTD, EZ LINK PTE LTD (FEVO), EZ-LINK PTE LTD SINGAPORE, EZ-LINK TOP-UP KIOSK, EZ-LINK (IMAGINE CARD), EZLINK*, EZ LINK, EZLINKS.COM, FLASHPAY ATU, TRANSITLINK*, TRANSIT LINK*, TRANSIT LINK PL, TRANSIT, MB* MONEYBOOKERS.COM, WWW.IGMARKETS.COM.SG, OANDAASIAPA, OANDA ASIA PAC, PAYPAL * BIZCONSULTA, PAYPAL * OANDAASIAPA, PAYPAY * CAPITALROYA, Saxo Cap Mkts Pte Ltd and SKR*SKRILL.COM. Unlimited Cashback is computed on a monthly basis based on your statement date and will be calculated based on two decimal places for each individual Eligible Retail Transaction without any rounding off . Unlimited Cashback earned will be reflected in that month’s card statement but credited to your principal Card account only in the following statement cycle month. Such Unlimited Cashback amount will be automatically offset against the following statement cycle month’s billed amount. Unlimited Cashback earned by your supplementary cardholder(s) of the Card will be credited into your principal Card account. Click here for the full Standard Chartered Unlimited Cashback Credit Card Terms and Conditions that apply .
2. To qualify for cashback under the Bank’s Credit Card Sign-up Promotion, you must apply for an eligible credit card (“Eligible Card”) issued by the Bank as a principal cardholder from 1 February to 31 March 2018. You may receive up to $100 cashback for your first Eligible Card approved under the Promotion if you do not hold any of the Eligible Cards as a principal cardholder or have not previously been a principal cardholder with the Bank where your application was submitted to the Bank at a roadshow. If you already have an existing Eligible Card as a principal cardholder or previously cancelled credit cards with the Bank at the point of your application, you can only receive up to $20 cashback upon approval (up to a maximum of two Eligible Cards). The maximum amount of cashback that you may receive is capped at $120 (the “Cap”) which includes any cashback already received under any and all other previous Credit Card Sign-Up Promotions with the Bank. You will not be entitled to any further cashback under this Promotion if you have already reached the Cap under any earlier Credit Card Sign-up Promotions, as determined by the Bank. Credit Cards Sign-Up Promotion (1 February to 31 March 2018) Terms and Conditions apply. Please visit sc.com/sg/credit-cards/cardssignup-tnc/ for terms and conditions, including eligibility and exclusions. “Eligible Card” refers to Unlimited Cashback Credit Card, Platinum Visa/Mastercard® Credit Card, Spree Credit Card, NUS Alumni Platinum Credit Card, Prudential Platinum Credit Card or PruPrestige Visa Signature Credit Card.